Expanding the potential of a 2,800-square-foot apartment

This four-bedroom apartment in Tanjong Rhu has been completely reworked and modernised to suit the current needs of its owners.

  • Expanding the potential of a 2,800-square-foot apartment

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 2,800sqft

Text by Janice Seow

When Shashi Bhaskar and her husband purchased this 2,800-square-foot apartment in Tanjong Rhu back in 2008, it had been a brand new development. The couple decided then that a simple sprucing of the interior was all that they needed, and kept renovation to a minimum.

Spacious apartment

More than a decade later, they started toying with the idea of a major renovation, and the timing seemed right last year during COVID-19 and with their son heading to NS.

Spacious apartment

“Our main concern was that the apartment felt dated and the space did not feel cohesive. It also did not reflect the true size of the property,” recalls Shashi. “We were looking for a sleek and elegant home with a Scandinavian appeal. We had spent over a decade in Stockholm before moving to Singapore, so that explains the request for a Scandinavian touch!” she continues.


Their briefing notes to interior designer and director of Para.graph, Jack Ng, included a chef’s kitchen as their son does ‘chef on call’ projects for charity, and the entire family loves to cook. Different areas of the apartment also had to be reworked to serve their current needs.

kitchen with island

Given that this 2,800-square-foot apartment felt smaller than its actual size, one of Jack’s key tasks was to devise ways to optimise the layout and bring out the true potential of the space.

spacious apartment

The owners had a bone to pick with the ceiling, which had been lowered in most areas previously, creating the appearance of a smaller apartment. Says Jack, “We increased the overall ceiling height by removing all the height reductions from the ducted aircon system prior, which we replaced with cassette units. The doors were also all stretched to ceiling height to accentuate these changes.”

spacious apartment

Large format tiles further the sense of space, while fluted ceiling panels, and walls and carpentry works in warm wood tones imbue the entire apartment with warmth.

master bedroom

At the same time, the fresh and modern appeal so desired by the occupants is assured thanks to a clean and seamless design language, where even the door to the walk-in wardrobe is artfully concealed.

concealed door in apartment

The couple wanted a larger room for their son, which was achieved by removing one of the bathrooms (the apartment had four en-suite bedrooms originally). Another was converted into a Jack and Jill bath that can be accessed from both the son’s newly enlarged bedroom and the family entertainment room.


Other areas in the apartment have also been made more functional, such as the pool facing balcony. While the clients seldom used the space in the past, the integration of this area into the living-dining space and its conversion into a second, cosy living area means the family can now enjoy a drink, work or simply hang out there whenever they like.

Spacious apartment

This elegant and timeless looking apartment now feels so much more spacious and seamless, which is great for a family that also entertains often.


Photography by Wong Weiliang

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