See how a small apartment expands in size

An 800sqft condominium apartment with high ceilings is meticulously metamorphosed into a spacious dwelling for two.

  • See how a small apartment expands in size

  • See how a small apartment expands in size

  • See how a small apartment expands in size

  • See how a small apartment expands in size

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 800sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

In this small apartment blessed with high ceilings, designer Alvin Ang and his team from Prozfile capitalised on the double volume space by creating a split-level design layout in the main living space.

small apartment loft by Prozfile

The star feature, a study loft suspended directly from the ceiling without the need for pillar footing, instantly expands the home’s usable space. Here, the homeowners – a couple in their early 40s – have some sort of privacy when getting work done, but still remain visually connected to the living space below.

small apartment stair design by Prozfile

A single flight of stairs – devoid of stair risers – bordered by thin metal rods float upstairs to the crux of the home. Similar treatment is also evident in the guest room where a loft bed is built to maximise available space.

small apartment master bedroom by Prozfile

With wood and iron taking centre stage, the apartment’s neutral colour palette of white, grey and cream is apt to maintain a bright and airy interior. For added interest, Alvin punctuated the living area with a bright blue sofa and the master bedroom with lavender painted walls. Furnishings, on the other hand, are kept to a minimum.

Despite the apartment’s spatial limitations, the design team from Prozfile was able to create a cosy dwelling for the well-travelled couple with more than enough room to live and display their growing collection of objects they procure from all over the world.


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