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An outdated resale bungalow now a modern family home

A resale bungalow that was seemingly stuck in the ’90s aesthetics has been given a 21st century design intervention by Vivre Creative Design.

Home Type: 2.5-storey resale bungalow

Floor Area: 4,000sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

With about 4,000sqft of space to play with, this two and a half-storey resale bungalow houses a family of six comfortably. Although it’s been blessed with good bones, the original design didn’t do it any justice. It was dull, dark and dilapidated, and ill-suited to the family’s lifestyle. Thus, creative director Pen Teoh of Vivre Creative Design sought to bring the resale bungalow that was seemingly stuck in the ’90s to the 21st century.

contemporary resale bungalow living room by Vivre Creative Design

The first order of business was tackling the spacious living room where the family hoped to spend the most time in. Here, everything has been made to fit perfectly including the extra large, plush lounge from Italy and the full-height media console. Where the TV is mounted onto the champagne-coloured padded cushion structure, the entire panel can be slid to the left and contained behind the black-tinted glass panels.

This lends a through view of the swimming pool outside and allows the parents to keep an eye on their children even when they’re seated in the living room. This ingenious design also establishes a visual dialogue with the adjoining dining space. What’s more, the bifold sliding doors cater for unblocked views and create a natural extension of the living space.

contemporary resale bungalow bar by Vivre Creative Design (2)

With such configuration, this resale bungalow is primed for entertaining. It is made even more evident in the dry kitchen-cum-bar, where the walls have been brought down in favour of an open-concept layout. This made engaging in conversations with guests in the living area while preparing beverages in the bar an enjoyable experience. But the demolition also culminated in a structural column that stuck out like a sore thumb in the middle of the communal area.

contemporary resale bungalow bar and wine cellar by Vivre Creative Design (2)

Pen took this supposed setback as an opportunity to create a standalone storage feature that enables the owners to display their favourite alcoholic beverages. He was also conscientious in forming a visual link to the dry kitchen-cum-bar by cladding the column with the same marble-look laminate and painted the recessed ceiling feature in black. To up the ante, he even designed a glass-enclosed restaurant-style wine cellar that could house over a hundred bottles of the owners’ impressive wine collection.

contemporary resale bungalow master bedroom entryway by Vivre Creative Design

The private spaces are no less luxurious. The entryway to the master bedroom has been repositioned for better feng shui and features laminated walls, alabaster ceiling, laminate and black glass door, and marble flooring.

contemporary resale bungalow master bedroom by Vivre Creative Design

Inside, the room has been divided into different zones. The cantilevered bed as well as the cushioned and tinted mirror bedhead with cove lights form the defining elements of the sleeping area. The chill zone next to it has a comfy settee and ample storage for bits and bobs that don’t fit in the walk-in wardrobe. It’s also where the lady of the house gets her makeup done. Similar to the TV panel in the living room, windows behind the mirror panels atop the white dressing table come into sight when the the panels are pushed to one side.

contemporary resale bungalow bedroom by Vivre Creative Design (3) contemporary resale bungalow bedroom by Vivre Creative Design

While the master bedroom employs a darker colour palette, the other bedrooms sport lighter, more uplifting colour schemes. One is pretty in pink, another projects a strong contrast with white and red, and the last one has a grown-up vibe in muted greys.

contemporary resale bungalow bedroom by Vivre Creative Design (2)

Regardless of their differences, they all have several things in common to maintain a cohesive design language: the consistent use of laminate finish and modern updates that bode well with each occupant’s preferences.

Vivre Creative Design

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