Modern luxury in a detached house

Custom features, enlarged windows and balanced materiality bring a sense of spaciousness and a homely and personal touch to this landed home.

  • Modern luxury in a detached house

Home Type: 5-bedroom detached house

Floor Area: 5,500sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

The homeowners were looking for an original and fresh look for their detached house. Hence, Design Zage opted for a mix of light marble floors, wooden wall panels and grey slats that complement their cutting-edge sound systems and home technology. The combination of materials and earthy colours create a sophisticated and timeless ambience.

terrace house dining area

“We used different colours and materials to break away from the traditional uniformity and bulkiness of the space,” says the designer. Throughout the detached house, the walls are vertically clad in multiple materials from solid wood concaved panels to glass mirror panels, creating depth and a textured look that does not look boring from day to day.

terrace house kitchen

The entrance to the wet and dry kitchens was enlarged to invite more light into the individual areas. With the combination of oxidised metal-look tiles, solid wood concaved panels and neat carpentry doors, the kitchen feels grand yet welcoming. The generous countertop surface is Liquid Embers from Dekton’s signature collection. Family portraits line the wall, offering a sense of identity.

terrace house gym

Situated by the window, the bright and airy exercise corner is enhanced by walnut coloured and metal laminates. In place of plain mirrors that are typically found in gyms, bronze mirrors offer a luxe and edgy feeling. Uncrowded by equipment or furniture, there is ample breathing space for the user to clear the mind while working out.

spacious master bedroom

The spacious master bedroom in this detached house spots dark marble carpentry panels and champagne metal trimmings that extend to the built-in fabric headboard that has been designed for extra comfort. Except for the small ceiling fan, the simple ceiling design visually extends the room vertically so the bedroom feels open and lofty.

luxe bathroom

The palette for the master bathroom was kept clean and simple with two main materials. Classic Dekton Bergen Stonika wall cladding emphasises luxury and elegance while EDL’s timber-look laminates invite cool neutral tones into the space and tone down any excessiveness.

hidden study

The master bedroom was extended to include a study that’s accessible via an interconnecting door. This way, the homeowners can easily retreat to the study when they have to work and close the door when they are done for the day, ensuring work-life balance.

Design Zage

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