Life revolves around the kitchen in this two-bedder apartment

Rather than being tucked away, this warm and cheery kitchen is the pride of the home and made for cooking, living and connecting.

  • Life revolves around the kitchen in this two-bedder apartment

Home Type: 2-bedroom condo

Floor Area: 764sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The owners of this compact two-bedder apartment are a young couple who run a bakery. Being in the F&B business, cooking is a big part of their life, and the original mini kitchen that came with the apartment left much to be desired. Their wish was for the kitchen to be the heart of the home.

two-bedder apartment atelier here

To bring this vision to life, Kelvin Lim, design director of Atelier Here has reprogrammed the two-bedder apartment such that the kitchen now sits at the centre of the home.

“We removed one bedroom and shifted the entire kitchen there,” Kelvin says, explaining that the original kitchen had been a small space tucked next to the entrance.

two-bedder apartment atelier here

The kitchen’s bold relocation has also informed the design of the other spaces, and ultimately created a more open and connected home. “Its position in the middle of the apartment anchors the living/dining area on one side and the master bedroom on the other,” Kelvin says. “The living/dining/kitchen space is now open and bigger. Interesting corners and nooks are also created, becoming the pantry, seating booths, et cetera that form part of the open plan.”

two-bedder apartment atelier here

The entryway, too, has undergone a transformation. With the relocation of the kitchen, this zone is now a display/storage area that separates the main living space from the front door, thus affording some privacy.

Given the couple’s hectic schedule and hours spent at the bakery, an important part of the brief, too, was to have a warm, cosy and inviting home to return to. “They wanted a home where they could wind down, and that was quiet and restful,” says Kelvin. “They love colours, and hate white walls. What they wanted was a palette that was rich and warm.”

two-bedder apartment atelier here

Burnt orange, and warm reds and pinks have thus been used to colour the home. It’s a bold but coherent colour scheme that’s beautifully complemented by warm timber surfaces that morph smoothly into shelves and even a ‘portal’ leading into the bedroom.

This home is comforting and snug, and made just right for the couple and the way they yearn to live.

Atelier Here

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