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British colonial-inspired house that comes with a “fireplace”

This four-bedder landed house in Singapore looks like it’s been transported from England.

Home Type: 2-bedroom landed house

Floor Area: 1,400sqft

Text Jasmine Goh

Having spent their younger days living in the United Kingdom, the homeowners of this two-storey landed house at Casuarina Road love British colonial design and wanted their new home to be reminiscent of their time together in the UK. The design team from Nest Spatial Design worked closely with the couple to transform this resale property into a stunning colonial-inspired house.

British colonial design living room by Nest Spatial Design

Instead of a typical TV wall, the design team decided to construct full-height bookshelves to evoke the atmosphere of an English sitting room. Spanning across the entire wall, these custom-designed bookshelves slide open to reveal the TV. Wooden armchairs and a Chesterfield sofa in a delicious shade of olive green complete the look.

British colonial design toilet by Nest Spatial Design

The toilet was modernised and given a thorough overhaul to match the overall atmosphere of the home. The right mood was achieved with white subway tiles accented with two rows of black tiles. Hexagonal floor tiles and metal hooks add a vintage flavour to complement the British colonial look.

 British colonial design fireplace by Nest Spatial Design

One of the centrepieces in this home is a fireplace, which is certainly a rare sight in a tropical country but is installed to imbue the space with a real sense of nostalgia. Back in the UK, the fireplace was the couple’s favourite part of their house. Instead of leaving it purely ornamental, the design team refashioned the fireplace for wine storage.

British colonial design hallway by Nest Spatial Design

In order to recreate the experience of living in the UK, the designers consulted heavily with the homeowners to distill the main elements of nostalgia. “This space is designed to tell the story of the homeowners’ travels,” says Nest Spatial Design, “The textures, colours, tiles and furnishings were carefully selected to reflect their identity and experiences.”

Nest Spatial Design

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