An open-plan small home that’s big on efficiency

With all its boundary walls taken down, this one-bedder condominium unit now feels larger and brighter. The Meter Square designers also worked in an integrated storage system for the living area and kitchen to minimise clutter and maximise the wall space.

  • An open-plan small home that’s big on efficiency

  • An open-plan small home that’s big on efficiency

  • An open-plan small home that’s big on efficiency

Home Type: 1-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 600sqft

Text by Disa Tan

The homeowner, a bachelorette, wanted her living space to adopt a studio apartment style. “She likes the open and spacious concept of this style,” say the designers. The boundary wall between the living area and bedroom was removed and its absence proved to be essential in projecting an airy and wider expanse of space.

While the condominium unit itself came with a ready-built kitchenette, this configuration was not ideal for the homeowner’s lifestyle needs. “The kitchen layout was an L-shape and that left little room for a dining table,” say the designers. They redid the entire kitchen and worked in a galley design with an island. The designers explain: “The island can be used for dining and works well as a food preparation counter for the homeowner’s cooking and baking needs.”

A full wall of laminates and cabinetry stretches across the entire length of the living area and kitchen. The contemporary mix of wood grain laminates outlines a dark grey laminate panel, which serves as the focal point of the living zone. The kitchen features a backsplash of honeycomb tiles and the striking monochromatic patterns define the cookspace from the rest of the communal areas.

Meter Square


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