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The successful transformation of a tricky space in Hong Kong

A flat in Hong Kong has seen a drastic evolution – or indeed revolution – changing into a mixed use living and working space. It takes inspiration from the spatial design of communal village spaces. After all, as they say sometimes, it takes a village…

Home Type: Apartment

Floor Area: 606sqft

Text by Andrew McDonald

Arc Village Studio is the result of a well planned and thoughtfully considered design from Sim-Plex, who has transformed the 606sqft flat into a combined living and working studio. Designed around the idea of a cluster of arc frame, the space now forms a village-like communion.

Previously, the working space of the flat was an enclosed, isolated and fenced off area – separate from the living spaces and without any sunlight. As a self-employed IT professional, this was a problematic layout for the client, and it’s clear a change was needed. The Arc Village Studio was the inspired solution.

“In our mind, we’ve got a simple and poetic image with a few village houses surrounded by a little creek; a full moon appears to shine and light the skies, creating a dancing shadow of trees,” says Sim-Plex on the romantic inspiration for the new design.

Hong Kong is famous for its high cost of living, and having both a home and the separate office is a luxury few self-employed workers can afford. Yet the separation of relaxation spaces and working spaces is an important aspect of any home office. The lines between living and working may be blurred, but they still exist – even in a small space.

For Sim-Plex, it was the village theme that provided the solution. Small spaces, linked through an open plan centre – recalling small houses based around a promenade. The living and dining space is an open, light and generous area, with separate passage to the foyer and kitchen, bathroom area, and important only opposite sides of the apartment, the sleeping areas and the work studio space. This separation allows for a mental breaking between areas designed for relaxation, and areas for work.

With a clean, minimalist style throughout, the area can be imprinted upon with whatever the clients needs it to be at any time. From family home to workspace to place to unwind and watch TV – the space can embrace these differing moods.

With the poetic idea for apartment design fulfilled, Arc Village Studio is a successful transformation of a tricky space – now an area suitable for work and play alike, and a space that enhances communication between family members.



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