TECEvelvet: A small bathroom product with big impact

Small but beautiful, TECEvelvet is a high-performance flush plate that opens up new design possibilities for the bathroom. Find out why.

  • TECEvelvet: A small bathroom product with big impact

Text by Janice Seow

When one thinks of German brands, the words ‘high quality’ and ‘performance’ often come to mind. The same can be said of TECE, a global manufacturer of sanitary products with headquarters in Emsdetten, Germany.

For over 30 years now, this independent, family-run company has steadily carved a name for itself as a producer of stylish flush plates, ceramics and even the market’s shortest and slimmest cistern.

Tece flush plate

What makes TECE different is that it is built around a culture of curiosity. All its bathroom product innovations are driven by a study of their customers’ world: their lifestyle, desires and needs.

Its TECEvelvet flush plate is a case in point. As they say, design is in the details, and TECE packs powerful performance into a product that  – yes let’s admit – not many may think about, but that can make a real difference to the bathroom experience.

Tece flush plate

TECEvelvet is designed by world-renowned German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. It features two flush buttons that are seamlessly integrated into a single, simplified form where the smaller flush is incorporated into the larger one, creating a sense of clarity.

One of the most notable aspects of TECEvelvet is the material. The flush plate is finished in FENIX, an innovative high-tech material that is soft to the touch, completely opaque and exceptionally resistant to dust and water penetration, which makes it ideal for use in wet environments. It is also insensitive to fingerprints, scratches, and cleaning agents thanks to a new generation of acrylic resins forming a close, protective surface.

With nanotech, a FENIX signature, the material has the built-in ability to self-restore superficial micro-scratches under gentle heat. This allows the product to maintain its pristine appearance for many years.

With the award-winning material FENIX, TECEvelvet is a flush plate reimagined. The ultra-soft and super matte feel is unexpected yet pleasing, and it is also superbly durable.

Not only does this open up new and exciting possibilities in bathroom aesthetics, but the product is also available in six modern shades to suit different interior styles.


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