Latest innovation: Sustainable tiles made from recycled eggshells

CArrelé by ethical brand Nature Squared in collaboration with designer Elaine Yan Ling Ng is a series of high-performance tiles made of eggshell waste.

  • Latest innovation: Sustainable tiles made from recycled eggshells

Text by Janice Seow

Every year, some 250,000 tons of eggshell waste is produced worldwide and much of it goes to landfills. So it’s not surprising that the newly debuted series of CArrelé high-performance, sustainable tiles, made from discarded eggshells, is gaining international attention. In fact, it was named “The Influencer” at the recent 2021 INDE Awards.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

CArrelé was created by British-Chinese designer Elaine Yan Ling Ng, the newly appointed chief material innovator for Nature Squared. It is one of her first projects for the UK-based studio that turns natural waste materials such as seashells and feathers into sustainable construction material.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

Through extensive research, the designer was able to develop a new composite capable of extending the shelf life of eggshells in an ‘egg-loop’ ecosystem.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

“Although we tend to associate [eggshells] with fragility, it is actually very strong and naturally UV-resistant, and the ethereal chalk white colour that we have sourced absorbs natural colours sustainably in fascinating ways, making it a wonderful building material,” Elaine says.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

The tiles are handmade at Nature Squared’s Cebu production facilities, where white eggshells from local bakeries, kitchens and Nature Squared’s own eggshell inlay atelier are crushed into different sizes and combined with binding agent. Natural dyes are added before it is cured at room temperature to create a square metre of tile.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

These recyclable bio tiles are available as lightweight square, rectangular and triangular shapes and in four styles, and are suited for indoor and wall applications.

CArrelé sustainable tiles

Toasted’s earthy tones range from cream to dark toast brown, while the colours of Natural Dye are achieved with indigo, chlorophyllin and madder. Hybrid‘s hues come from a combination of natural dying and toasting, and there is also a 3D hand-moulded tile.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

Beyond tiles, Elaine has designed a range of minimalist stools and accessories to demonstrate the versatility of CArrelé’s eco-friendly eggshell surface.

sustainable tiles CArrelé

CArrelé sustainable tiles is just the first series to be launched in The Calcium Brick Collection by Nature Squared, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

CArrelé is available internationally from Nature Squared

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