Multimedia 10 Touch Screen by Legrand

Control all your home automation system through a simple 10″ Multimedia Touch Screen from Legrand

Multimedia 10 Touch Screen by Legrand

Life will get a lot easier with the 10” multimedia Touch Screen from Legrand. The smart technology has recently been updated, making it a smarter and more user-friendly device that gives you complete control over all home automation systems around the home. Turn off the lights in the bathroom, draw the curtains in the bedroom, check the security cameras in the garage or turn on the music in your living room – all with a few simple taps and swipes. 

The new graphic user interface is extremely intuitive to use, and different elements on the home screen can be personalised to fit your tastes. What’s more, the User Oriented graphical interface ensures that the technology is simple enough for everyone in the family to use.


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