Meet Qatego: A Duravit bathroom collection inspired by nature

Qatego is a premium collection from Duravit that makes the concept of the ‘bathroom oasis’ a reality.

  • Meet Qatego: A Duravit bathroom collection inspired by nature

Text by Janice Seow

The bathroom is increasingly becoming the go-to place to unwind and recharge, and a private oasis to escape the daily hustle and bustle. This is why the best bathroom designs today focus on ways to foster relaxation and put you at ease.

Qatego is the perfect case in point. This collection is born out a special partnership between Duravit and Studio F. A. Porsche, two world-famous brands with uncompromising design standards and keen insight into evolving bathroom trends.

Duravit Qatego

Duravit’s Qatego series answers the growing call for a bathroom wellness space. It is inspired by stones worn smooth by water, and features clean, reduced elements that radiate a natural look at the same time to offer an alternate reality to busy modern life.

Rounded forms of sanitary objects are set against linear and minimalistic cabinetry designs to create a holistic bathroom interior of striking contrasts. Just as notable, the collection is based on natural materials with tactile surfaces such as wood, ceramics and natural stone that imbue the space with a sense of calm and comfort.

Qatego star features

Duravit Qatego

#1 Qatego sinks feature a large inner basin and softly rounded edges. A highlight of the series is the countertop sink without a tap hole bench, which is available in a straight version as well as in a version with strongly curved sides. Also of note, all wall-mounted Qatego sinks can be combined with a vanity – which can even be retrofitted at a later date.

Duravit Qatego

#2 Qatego toilets are designed with comfort in mind. They have a high standard of hygiene due to their antibacterial ceramic glaze. The Duravit Rimless® open flushing rim design also makes them easy to clean and allows for efficient flushing, minimising water usage.

#3 Qatego bathroom furniture feature a mix of open and closed storage spaces to make the best use of space and give users quick and easy access to everything they need.

The top of the console vanity has a shadow gap that creates a ‘floating on air’ effect. The tip-on technology and self-closing function makes it a pleasure to use. A well-organised bathroom promotes calm and relaxation, and the Qatego collection offers interior dividers that can be inserted in the drawers to keep things tidy.

#4 Qatego mirrors can be beautiful lit with light panels at the sides and have practical shelves for storage. There’s even niche lighting that can be controlled without any contact using a sensor.

Duravit Qatego

#5 Qatego bathtubs offer a relaxing bathing experience. The shape of the free-standing tub mirrors that of the countertop sink to tie the overall concept of the series together.


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