Why every modern home needs BoConcept’s new furniture collection

New Kollektion is here to elevate and create modern retreats with ease. We pick four pieces from the range that are perfect for today’s homes.

  • Why every modern home needs BoConcept’s new furniture collection

Text by Disa Tan

Global furniture retailer BoConcept is all about delivering great designs for better living, and its latest New Kollektion launch is just as covetable. Bearing the hallmarks of quality craftsmanship that Danish design is known for, New Kollektion strikes a balance between functionality, comfort and personality, and evokes a true feeling of sophistication. Here’s how these statement pieces from BoConcept make much-welcomed additions to the modern home.

BoConcept Kollektion

Salamanca sofa: The art of ultimate relaxation

The living room is where we relax and unwind, so the sofa should be inviting and be made for comfort. Designed by Henrik Pedersen, the Salamanca sofa has all the right qualities for lounging, especially with its low ‘floating’ design that emits a 1970s bohemian vibe.

Why it’s a must-have: Comfort and flexibility can be found in its oversized proportions, super snug seats, and moveable back cushions that promote long-lasting support.

BoConcept Kollektion

Santiago coffee table: A sculptural centrepiece

The coffee table is no longer an afterthought, at least not with the alluring curves of the Santiago coffee table that demand attention. It has a tactile presence with its sturdy pillar-inspired base and tabletop of expressive patterns.

Why it’s a must-have: The floating design by Morten Georgsen adds a sense of lightness to modern living rooms.

BoConcept Kollektion

Santiago dining table: Entertain with confidence

Be it home-cooked meals or lavish dinner parties, we all want that versatile dining table that can rise to any occasion. The Santiago dining table by Morten Georgsen is your best bet with its elegant design combo of pillar-shaped legs and a welcoming oval-shaped tabletop. 

Why it’s a must-have: The refined finishes and clean lines bring an air of elegance and quiet luxury to dining rooms.

Calgary storage system: Multifunctionality at its finest

An organised environment improves your quality of life, and the versatile Calgary storage system is a wonderful enabler with its flexible and multitasking solutions. Designed by Morten Georgsen, this open storage unit offers a means to store and showcase artful ornaments or books.

Why it’s a must-have: It can be turned into a desk, mini bar or hallway console; these multitasking possibilities make it great for small spaces.

New Kollektion creates modern spaces that you love and that work for you. Besides investing in premium furniture pieces that stand the test of time, you’ll enjoy an exclusive 15% off this new BoConcept collection, which includes the above-mentioned products. Offer valid till 8 October 2023. Shop the New Kollektion at Paragon Shopping Centre, #04-01 or online.

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