The Lamitak Exclusive Collection brings you a better home and life

Explore a collection of new surfacing laminates for conscious living.

  • The Lamitak Exclusive Collection brings you a better home and life

Top image: Protak Taupe Pro laminate
Text by Airis Abdullah

The global pandemic has meant that we now spend more time at home. With that, priorities have shifted and there’s an increasing desire for holistic personal spaces that are built for well-being and comfort.

Lamitak Exclusive Collection
Solid Core laminates

Lamitak conceived their Exclusive Collection in response to these changing needs. Adding to the existing Bookmatched and artäk range from Lamitak are several newly launched laminates, particularly Savile in the Repeatable family and Protak. New variations of Solid Core laminates inspired by stone and concrete are also new additions to the family.

Collectively, the Exclusive Collection consists of five laminate families: Repeatable, Protak, Solid Core, Bookmatched laminates and artäk.

Lamitak Exclusive Collection
Savile showcase at Lamitak Studio

Want the perfect backdrop for Zoom calls? Consider Savile’s large-scale repeated chevron patterns in muted, sophisticated colours. Available in six shades, Savile laminates are inspired by the heritage and style of bespoke tailored suits from the famed Savile Row in London. They also feature anti-bacterial properties, making them ideal for high touch point areas. Savile laminates are a highlight of the Exclusive Collection and can be viewed in a special showcase at Lamitak Studio.

Lamitak Exclusive Collection
Savile Regent, a repeatable laminate

Protak – its name is a wordplay on ‘protect’ ­– also offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that give peace of mind. Plus, the anti-fingerprint and anti-glare properties of the Protak laminates ensure that they look good at all times and in all lighting. That way, you’ll save time on cleaning to keep your home hygienic and, instead, connect and bond with your family more.

Lamitak Exclusive Collection
Nude Pro from Protak range, a laminate with multi-hyphenated properties

Aside from these two product highlights, the Bookmatched laminates and artäk laminates are great options for those looking for stunning feature walls. Great for large walls, the marble-inspired bookmatched large-format designs and fun patterns of artäk laminates may just be the backdrop you need for making TikTok videos with your friends and family.

Lamitak Exclusive Collection
Bookmatched Lunigiana laminate

The Lamitak Exclusive Collection is not only suitable for the home. These laminates are designed for functionality and are appropriate for workspaces, hospitality interiors, public spaces, child- and elder-friendly environments, and more.

Lamitak Exclusive Collection
artäk Miscela Cici laminate


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