Art for your floors

The Ora stock rug collection from Tappeti fine handcrafted rugs + carpets delivers statement patterns that look like engaging works of art on your floors.

  • Art for your floors

Text by Disa Tan

One of the best ways to fill a room with pattern and texture is with a rug. There is nothing that sets the tone in a space quite like a woven work of art underfoot, and Tappeti handcrafted rugs + carpets is known for producing world-class textile designs that are simply breathtaking. Its beautiful Ora stock rug collection comes in 39 designs and four different sizes or custom dimensions to suit any interior style. So if you’re missing a final floor piece to pull your room together, then check out five of its noteworthy rug designs below.

Tappeti rug for floors

#1 Himalayan: A calming landscape

This classic hand-woven rug’s timeless elegance is rooted in its minimalist colour palette. Its wool and art-silk textures in loop and cut piles uplift the tactile design, turning it into something engaging. It’s the perfect piece to complete a well-appointed interior.

Tappeti rug for floors

#2 High Low Lines – Sand: Vast elegance

The handwoven Sand rug bestows warmth and linear opulence with a pile height that reaches 9mm with 12mm lines. This wool and art-silk piece in loop and cut piles enhances the room’s airy and spacious appeal.

Tappeti rug for floors

#3 Field – Gold: Beautiful horizons

Raised and lowered pile heights of this hand-tufted wool and art-silk rug feature a harmonious overlap of geometric forms. Warm tonal colours elevate its tactile nature and make for a lavish underfoot statement.

#4 Raised Ombre – Blue: Beauty in intricacy

For that coveted textured look, the Raised Ombre is a total keeper with its hand-dyed hues of two colour options: blue or grey. This hand-tufted piece in felted wool loop pile with cut pile art-silk has subdued tones to create a serene-looking space, but with gradient patterns that pop.

#5 Duo – Stone: Lending softness everywhere

This plush rug promises to make your bedroom or living area feel extra inviting. The Duo Stone features a grid of stone art-silk atop a white loop pile to set off a striking tweed design detail.


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