What to know when picking a rug for your home

There’s more than colour and design to think about when shopping for a rug. Tappeti fine handcrafted rugs + carpets offers seven essential tips.

  • What to know when picking a rug for your home

Top image: Studio & You – Custom Geometric. Photography by Kasey Funnell Photography
Text by Airis Abdullah

You’ll be surprised at the number of considerations there are when it comes to picking out a rug for your home. With characteristics like size, colour and texture, rugs can greatly influence the look of the space, and how you feel physically and emotionally. Tappeti fine handcrafted rugs + carpets reveals seven factors one needs to think about before making a purchase.

Tappeti rug
Lorna Sinac Design – Grid Lock Rug

#1 Unlock the power of proportions

Having a rug proportionate to the space is vital. Here’s a tip to make the room look bigger: placing the rug edges underneath the legs of your furniture will make the space appear more spacious. Additionally, a rug can help create intimate spaces and divide your room into zones.

Tappeti rug
Aldo Virtich – Luxe Rugs

#2 Elevate your design with custom shapes

The shape of your rug must complement the space and even the furniture. A standard rectangle may work for some spaces. However, a custom shape rug could perfectly complement curved walls and furnishings. It could even take the design concept to a new level.

Tappeti rug
KA Design Studio – Concentric Gradient Rugs. Photography by Nick De Lorenzo

#3 Pile it on

The pile height also makes a difference in the look and feel. Tappeti can design and manufacture different pile heights for texture, feel and look. A thick shaggy pile looks different to a fine hand-knotted silk rug or a 12mm height rug in various pile heights for a textural feel. Rug pile heights can vary from 7mm to as thick as 17mm to 20mm to cater to different preferences and areas in the home.

rug in hallway
Studio AEM x Studio Gestalt – Freeform Runner. Photography by Anson Smart

#4 Tailored to your lifestyle

Some areas in the home have more foot traffic than others, and how much care and cleaning you can commit to is an important consideration. In areas with heavy foot traffic, such as a hallway, look for rugs with a thin profile or hardwearing fibres like a rug made predominantly of wool. A plush, lustrous rug would be suitable for the bedroom area.

Tappeti rug
The Old Clare Hotel – Custom Botanic Design. Photography by Lisa Zhu

#5 Discover the perfect fibre symphony

Hardwearing fibres like wool, hemp and nettle have a matte appearance suitable for living areas. Their matte appearance also makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like the living room. Luxurious fibres like silk or artsilk (cotton viscose) add an elegant sheen. As they are more delicate, they bring a different feel to bedrooms. For the best of both worlds, Tappeti offers a blend of both fibres that features some lustre while maintaining a luxe feel with durability. Consider also if natural fibres or synthetics suit your lifestyle needs, personal style, and life philosophy. For example, Tappeti uses natural fibres exclusively in its aim to minimise the impact on the environment.

Margot Klokman Design – Animal 03 Rug. Photography by Ess Creative

#6 Unleash your style with endless possibilities

The range of styles available today makes rugs among the go-to soft furnishings to refresh the home. Some popular rug styles include traditional, modern, gradients, abstract, and textural – and there are yet more to choose from! Need something specific? As a custom rug specialist, Tappeti can provide advice and produce a customised piece to fit your space and style.

ORA – Swirl Rug. Photography by Nick De Lorenzo

#7 Embrace the sensory journey

Knowing how rugs can affect how you feel due to the materials, colours, textures and size and understanding how you want a space to make you feel is vital. So, along with the practical considerations, pay attention to how your body and mind feel when you first lay eyes – and skin – on the rugs while shopping.


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