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Amazing sofas from Belgium that won’t break the bank

Available at P5 Studio, Olta brings affordable luxury to the home with amazing sofas that are handmade in Europe but without the high price point.

Text by Janice Seow

We all want a comfortable living space but don’t necessarily want to spend an arm and a leg to attain it. With Olta, a furniture brand from Belgium, financially savvy homeowners can now get a good quality, well-crafted sofa to relax in without the big investment.

sofas Olta P5 Studio

Drawing inspiration from global trends, Olta sofas exude the luxurious, inimitable Italian style, and are also beautifully designed to suit today’s modern lifestyles. A 3-seater starts from $2,800 while an L-shaped sofa begins from $4,500 – which is a steal considering that Olta sofas are made from choice European materials, including pounded goose leather for the back cushions.

Here are some of our top picks.

#1 Elixir, for relaxation

sofas Olta P5 Studio

The Elixir sofa takes the art of relaxing to new heights. True to its name, falling onto this couch is the ‘elixir’ one needs to re-energise the body and mind. The low, slightly angled upholstered back helps everyone to find their desired position with just the right amount of soft pressure as one leans into the sofa. Contoured sides, distinguished by the distinct metal accents, also give the arms perfect support.

sofas Olta P5 Studio

The upholstery is offered in a range of high-quality textured fabric or leather that feel great to the touch. Best of all, Elixir keeps its unique shape in each of its multiple module combinations to ensure everyday comfort.

#2 Horizon, for flexibility

sofas Olta P5 Studio

The Horizon sofa is a highly flexible design that adapts to changing needs and lifestyles. The sofa’s extensive array of modules allow users to explore different combinations, from straight to corner to U-shaped settings. This freedom means that one will always be able to find the perfect seating solution no matter the layout of the living room.

sofas Olta P5 Studio

Besides, the Horizon modular system has an adjustable backrest that allows users to customise the depth of the seating cushions for maximum comfort. In terms of ergonomics, the long narrow cushions also provide the ideal amount of lumbar support.

#3 Ritz, for elegance

sofas Olta P5 Studio

True to its name, the Ritz sofa instantly brings a sophisticated vibe and a touch of classic elegance to any sitting area. It takes centre stage in any space thanks to its dignified appearance and superior quality finishes. It is also available in leather, which provides a chic contrast to the brown aluminium legs. And with its perfect blend of ergonomics and elegance, the Ritz promises to help you start and end each day at your best.

sofas Olta P5 Studio

#4 Stone, a novelty with myriad choices

sofas Olta P5 Studio

With its low profile and deep cushions, the Stone sofa is an indisputable novelty in the Olta collection. It was designed for maximum comfort and is both casual and welcoming.

sofas Olta P5 Studio

The Stone is available in an assortment of straight, corner or peninsular modules so users can create their own oasis; in fact, there are no less than 34 linear and modular elements and five ottomans to choose from, ensuring total compositional freedom. The upholstered armrests are available in high and low versions, and one can even incorporate a shelf in-between the elements to keep reading material, the remote, or drinks within arm’s reach.

Olta sofas are available at P5 Studio

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