6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

It’s impossible to live unplugged in this day and age, so why not get the best (very little) money can buy.

  • 6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

  • 6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

  • 6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

  • 6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

  • 6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

  • 6 affordable smart home devices that make lives easier

Text by Redzman Rahmat and Vanitha Pavapathi

In this day and age, it’s no surprise to find one or more smart home devices in everyone’s dwelling. Like water, we simply can’t live without them. In fact, it’s almost impossible to live unplugged as smart home devices make lives easier – more convenient.

Everything you want is readily at your fingertips, whether you’re looking for digital entertainment, the latest stock prices or access to online shopping. Here are five cutting edge smart home devices everyone should own. Not to mention, their price tags make them very desirable too.

#1 Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale, $36Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale - smart home devices

In what looks like a normal digital weighing scale, the slim and compact scale is actually a smart home device. Once connected to its proprietary mobile app that supports both Android and iOS devices, the Mi Smart Scale is capable of tracking one’s fitness by saving up to 800 weight and body mass index (BMI) records. More impressively, it automatically identifies each family member and can save up to 16 user profiles!

#2 IKEA NORDMARKE, from $49.90IKEA NORDMARKE - smart home devices

With more technology in our lives, you’d think that there’ll be more wires, cables and cords. But thanks to wireless technology, you can simply place your smart phone on the charging pad of this NORDMARKE wireless charger from IKEA, making it the ideal bedside companion.

#3 Dyson Pure Cool, from $699Dyson Pure Cool - smart home devices

Dyson has always been one of the innovators of home appliances, and its bladeless fans have been a hit with many households. The latest iteration of the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan, which comes in both floor-standing and desk heights, now analyses the air in your room and displays the information on an integrated LCD screen in real time. With the Dyson Link app, you can schedule, remote and personalise your machine directly from your phone.

#4 Google Home, $99
Google Home - smart home devices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved from an app on our smartphones to a helpful presence in our homes. Google Home, for example, connects all the smart home devices and lets you control them with voice commands. You can tell Google Home to carry out tasks such as turning on the TV and make purchases online, and even ask it questions like “Should I bring an umbrella today?”

#5 Kyla by Aztech Smart Switch, from $99Kyla by Aztech smart switch - smart home devices

If you’re the type of person who also forgets or second guess yourself on whether you switch off the lights and air-conditioner before you leave the house, then a smart switch would be very beneficial. This Kyla touch capacitive switch allows you to transform an existing switch into a smart switch. What does means is that you can now turn on or off all the lights, air-conditioner, fans, etc remotely via its proprietary app. The switch also works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa through voice control. Available at Challenger.

#6 Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV, from $967Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV - smart home devices

One of the most noticeable impacts of smart technology in the home is the rapid development of the home entertainment system. In the last couple of years alone, televisions have evolved into cutting-edge devices with large screens, ultra-thin profiles and hyper realistic pictures. Samsung’s UHD 4K Smart TV not only projects vivid and precise colour, it is pre-installed with Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and more, so you could watch and play music directly from the TV. Play your favourite PC games on the TV or view your photos from your smart devices on the big screen.

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