Lighting the way: the best lighting stores in Singapore

Lighting is becoming a more crucial part of interior design trends. With advancements in lighting technologies happening every day, the possibilities are endless.

Lighting the way: the best lighting stores in Singapore

Lighting is one of the most functionally important aspects of interior design. Light levels can significantly affect an individual’s mood, health, eyes, and sleeping habits. Filling your home with the appropriate level of light and a lighting system that works for you is one of the best ways to improve your day to day functions. Proper lighting will reduce headaches, minimize eye fatigue, and can help to prepare your body for rest to make restful sleep easier to achieve.

Lighting is also crucial to creating a mood and an aesthetic in a home. In interior design, the type of lighting can set the tone for a room and is often one of the central pieces of the décor. Currently, Singaporean lighting has seen a rise in the popularity of false ceilings as the primary lighting system. False ceilings are structures suspended from the actual ceiling which can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. False ceilings provide texture and visual intrigue; but they also have a huge advantage when it comes to lighting.

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Installing a false ceiling gives the homeowner control over exactly the type of lighting they want, from the level to the warmth to the positioning. There are a few different types of lights that are made possible by false ceilings, but the most common lighting systems for a false ceiling are: recessed lighting, cove lighting, or hybrid lighting (a combination of the two). The lighting systems of false ceilings have become a popular trend lately due to the softness of the light that they emit and their versatility in a variety of situations / rooms.

The main draw of false ceiling lighting is that it allows for a level of control often missing from simple overhead ceiling lights. While it is an effective way to transform the lighting of a room, it is not the only option. There are a huge variety of lighting types and styles on offer. Finding the right one for your home is simply a matter of selecting the right store.

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Where to buy lights in Singapore

There are a few strategies you can employ to help ensure the store that you visit is the right one for your lighting needs. Firstly, you should consider the décor of the rest of the room and the interior design styles that you want to create. This will mean narrowing down whether you want a look that is contemporary, vintage, rustic, classic, modernist etc. After this has been decided you can begin filtering out stores which do not cater to your selected style.

The next step is to decide what type of lighting you want – whether you are hoping for a pendant light to become a feature of the room, or a more subtle lighting fixture that will blend into the background. Having a set budget in mind here will also help you to narrow down which lights are most likely to work well in your home. The best lighting stores will have a variety of options in your selected style already, so budgeting can help you make the final decision.

To help guide you towards lighting stores of a guaranteed high quality, here is a list of the best stores to buy lights Singapore.

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Lighting shop Singapore: the five best light shops Singapore near me

5. Lightcraft

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Lightcraft is a supplier of high quality LED lights in a huge variety of styles. They are based in Singapore and have worked on major commercial and architectural projects across the globe including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India.

Their catalogue spans from hanging lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, wall lamps, magnetic track lights and down lights. Lightcraft supplies high quality lighting products at affordable prices and you can browse their range of LED track spotlights here, with prices starting from as little as $5.90.

4. Ikea

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Ikea is one of the most popular stores in Singapore when it comes to lighting. Ikea has helped to light hundreds of thousands of HDB flats, from fairy lights to designer light fittings. Their lighting is affordable and stylish, with a variety of pendant lamps and home ceiling lamps that are perfect for living room ceilings.

All Ikea lights are LED, meaning they can save you up to 85% of the energy that you would use with a traditional bulb. The brass SOLKLINT ceiling lamp pictured above can be purchased here for $29.90.

3. Eg lighting

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Eg Lighting is a multipurpose store which stocks ceiling fans, toilet accessories and water heaters as well as an extensive range of lighting. They specialize in lighting for HDB flats and have many styles to choose from, though their pendant lights are particularly popular.

You can request a quote for a project here, or if you are interested in browsing their gallery see here. Eg Lighting prides itself on customer service, so if you are within a reasonable distance of  Circuit Rd, #01-426, Block 36, Singapore (370036) perhaps a stroll into the store will help form your lighting preferences. If you would prefer in person shopping – as many do, especially with lighting – consider a walk down Jalan Besar plaza or Tampines street, the central hubs for quality lighting shops in their areas.

2. Zenterra Lighting

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Located at 7 Ubi Road 1 05#-13 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408730, Zenterra supplies a range of quality lighting brands and products including their own in house brand, Ecodo. Zenterra focuses on contemporary and modern lighting styles, keeping up to date with the latest technology to deliver eco-friendly LED lighting. Zenterra products such as the living/dining room pendant lights pictured above are available for browsing here.

1. Lightings com sg.

lighting stores in singapore where to go ideas prices cheap

Lightings com sg. is a lighting company based in Singapore with over 16 years of experience. They also stock furniture, heaters, tv consoles, bathroom and kitchen appliances, and many more. Lightings com sg. is a one stop shop for all home products and their extensive range of lighting types and styles supports this.


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