When tranquility meet functionality

A 1,200 square foot apartment in Hong Kong might sound spacious, but for a family of four, it all comes down to Alvin Cheng of MAD Studio to create a haven that’s tranquil and equally functional.

  • When tranquility meet functionality

Home Type: 3-bedroom apartment

Floor Area: 1,200sqft

Text by Yen Kien Hang

“True beauty lies in the details” – that’s how Alvin Cheng of MAD Studio describes his design in Hong Kong’s Cavendish Heights for a family consisting of a female homeowner with two daughters and a son.

With the request to create a home suitable for daily prayer and meditation rituals, opting for a simple colour scheme and the perfect tones became a priority, as they set the overall design and ambience of the apartment. In the end, a beige tone was chosen with the use of a microcement finish for all the walls (and even for the kitchen and bathroom floors). The seamless effect of this material has created a sleek and polished aesthetic that soothes the senses.

MAD Studio project

However, the requests did not end there. Other functional requirements and room additions also needed to be tackled: specifically, the original bedroom layout had to be completely reconfigured to create three spacious rooms – two en-suite bedrooms and a guest bathroom – all within the same area. Additionally, a walk-in closet needed to be integrated into each room while maintaining anonymity.

MAD Studio project

As Alvin explains: “Our initial planning had to be meticulous, working within very narrow tolerances to ensure everything functioned seamlessly. Numerous technical issues, such as plumbing rerouting, needed to be resolved due to the extensive changes. We invested significant effort in refining the details and layout to achieve the final design. Many of these resolved issues are subtle and unnoticeable to our client, yet they provide immense satisfaction.”

One of the highlights in the living room, as Alvin pointed out, is the television cabinet. Designed with a flush sliding mechanism, this cabinet keeps the television hidden when not in use, maintaining a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. This thoughtful design solution not only preserves the room’s minimalist elegance but also adds a layer of functionality that enhances the overall living experience.

While this area maintained a clutter-free appearance, a serene meditation space was actually hiding behind the plush sofa. “This will be the sanctuary for the soul amid the urban buzz. Here, the family can find solace and peace amidst their daily hustle,” says Alvin. The operable timber screens also allow this space to be either an intimate hideaway or an open, integrated part of the living room, reflecting the family’s need for both privacy and connectivity.

MAD Studio project

The transformed bedrooms carry a similar elegance. The original guest bathroom was divided to create en-suite bathrooms for the daughters’ bedroom, while the wall between the other guest bedroom and the master bedroom was replaced with a full-height wardrobe. By doing so, both walk-in closets for the homeowner and her daughters will be the same, ‘hiding’ behind the headboard through an arched door or a hidden one. Both will be able to provide ample storage without compromising on style or space.

MAD Studio project

Last but not least, to enhance the living room’s spatial quality, the kitchen has also been converted into a semi-open space with double sliding glass doors. A single-cut piece of hardwood was specially ordered for the construction of the extendable dining table and island unit. This not only provides a place to dine and meal prep but is also yet another example of the seamless blend of fine craftsmanship and functionality within the space. This thoughtfully crafted centrepiece immediately captures attention upon entry, seamlessly integrating the kitchen and living area to enhance the spatial flow and ambience.

MAD Studio

Photography by Workshop Ten

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