Modern Ceiling Fans: how to choose the right fan for your home

There are a variety of ceiling fan types, especially with current technological advancements allowing fans to achieve more than ever before. Here are some of the best types and brands of ceiling fans available in Singapore today.

Modern Ceiling Fans: how to choose the right fan for your home

Ceiling fans are a popular choice for many households as they circulate the air within the room to create a draft. They are often ranked beneath air conditioners for their cooling abilities, but ceiling fans have a few benefits over air conditioners that should not be overlooked, such as their energy-saving abilities and their hugely reduced cost.

When comparing a ceiling fan to a standing fan, ceiling fans often come out on top. Ceiling fans should be installed at least 2.4 meters above floor level and are therefore safer – with a standing fan, there is always a risk of tripping (over the fan or the chord) especially if there are children in the apartment, and standing fans can be dangerous for those with long hair as it may get caught and pulled into the blades.

Ceiling fans are also on average cheaper to run and more ergonomic. However, standing fans are much cheaper and require no installation so if you are in need of a quick cooling device in the short-term, standing fans may be the better option.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a ceiling fan Singapore that will suit your home. One of the first and foremost concerns is the regulations of your building; HDB flats have specific rules about the installation of ceiling fans regarding the height (minimum 2.4 meters above floor level) and the weight (maximum 35 kilograms). You will want to make sure that you are aware of the height of your ceilings and the length of the fan before purchase.

There are two different types of motors for ceiling fans: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). Dc fans are more expensive to purchase but they are likely to save money in the long term as they are more energy efficient and have more settings to give you maximum control (9 speed settings, quieter while running and generally much lighter than AC fans).

Best Ceiling Fan Singapore:

5. Small

A small ceiling fan is a great option for those who don’t require heavy duty cooling but would still like the option of an indoor breeze on hot days. A small fan is also a good alternative for those who have low ceilings but still want the benefits of a ceiling fan.

The Fanco F-STAR DC Ceiling fan pictured above can be purchased here from FortyTwo for S$119.00 and it comes in multiple colours. Dims: DC brushless motor (lifetime warranty), 5 speed motor (reversible), ABS Fan Blade, 80-290 RPM, 5-37 W (power). This fan also has a light with 3 settings (day, warm, and cool white) and a remote control.

4. Remote Control

Remote control ceiling fans have become drastically more popular in recent years as ceiling fan technology advances. Remote control fans are far more convenient and often allow for you to control multiple different settings such as the warmth of the light, intensity of the light, speed of the fan etc. The KDK U48FP (BK) pictured above is one such fan with an LCD remote control and is available here from Courts for $468. Dims: DC Motor, LCD remote control, 3 blade,  9 speed settings, built in lamp, 120cm diameter, Sleep mode and on / off timer.

The Aero Air AA-120 Modern Design Ceiling Fan is another similar remote controlled fan available here for $299 (42″) or $319 (52″) in either black or white.

3. Bladeless

Bladeless ceiling fans are an impressive innovation in fan technology. They are stylish, contemporary and extremely effective. In fact, many bladeless ceiling fans are indistinguishable from chandeliers or contemporary art, because they look nothing like a traditional fan. For those who want the novelty of a futuristic fan, bladeless fans might be the perfect choice for you. The ceiling fan pictured above is part of the acorn range Light Luxury Ceiling Integrated Fan Lamp and can be purchased here for just $158.40 in multiple styles.

However, high quality bladeless lamps can be quite expensive especially if you are looking for something with increased aesthetic appeal; keep your budget in mind while browsing, because if you can afford to splurge on a fan like this it is sure to be an asset in your home.

2. Ceiling fan with light

Another innovation in ceiling fan technology was embedding the light within the fan itself. This opens up many more opportunities for fan placement around the ceiling and allows you complete control over where you think your fan would look best.

Traditional fans without lights do not have this freedom as they need to be placed as far away from the light source as possible. This is because if they are installed too close the rotating blades will briefly block the light when in use, casting a sporadic and flickering shadow over the room which will become annoying very quickly.

You can buy the earlier pictured Elmark swift 46″ Decorative Ceiling fan with light here. It also comes in many different sizes and colours.

1. Electric efficient fans

Energy efficient electric fans are a gamechanger in the cooling industry. They surpass air conditioning unites hugely by virtue of their lower energy demands. Not only does this save you money in the long run, but it is far better for the environment. Po Eco fans are all energy efficient, low-carbon impact fans which will last a long time and give you the best possible cooling services.

You can buy the fan pictured above from their website here for approximately $419.

Another energy friendly option is the Haiku smart fan, which is one of the most efficient fan designs in the world. They come in 1.3, 1.5 and 2.1m diameters. They also have multiple settings such as Fan Eco, Sleep, Whoosh and Timer modes.

On top of that, they are very beautifully designed and will add aesthetic appeal to your ceiling décor. You can purchase the Haiku fan pictured above here.

If these fans are too expensive, an alternative is this relatively cheap Crestar-Icol, available here for $267.50. You can purchase multiple sizes and customize with LED Light kits, remote controls and more. For those on a strict budget, this is an excellent option as you can choose to pay less and not have these extra controls. Browse the reviews for more information.


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