Designer’s pick: Mikael Teh from MONOCOT tells us why these Viefe products are fab

Award-winning designer Mikael Teh from MONOCOT picks out eight door knobs and handles from Viefe that are his favourites for the home.

  • Designer’s pick: Mikael Teh from MONOCOT tells us why these Viefe products are fab

Top image: Conic from Viefe
Text by Janice Seow

The details can make all the difference when it comes to a home renovation or makeover. It can be the icing on the cake, or simply an affordable and easy way to influence the look of the home without breaking the bank.

This doubtlessly accounts for the rising interest among homeowners for smaller design elements like door knobs and handles.

One company that has perfected the art and design of door knob and handle making is Spanish brand Viefe, which is now available in Singapore exclusively at EDL. This design-led and eco-conscious company partners with talented designers from around the world to create high-quality, functional and ergonomic designs that are keenly attuned to the way people live.

Embedded into Viefe’s DNA is the desire to innovate and surprise. Their catalogue is huge and offers an array of classic designs as well as pieces that respond to emerging trends.

Mikael Teh Monocot
Mikael Teh, architectural designer and founder of MONOCOT

With so many designs to choose from, we get award-winning architectural designer Mikael Teh from MONOCOT to pick out his personal favourites.

Mikael has worked on projects large and small in Singapore and across the region, including residential, commercial and hospitality commissions (see our recent review of his project). Here are Mikael’s top selections from Viefe and the reasons why he loves them.

#1 Petra

Mikael: The Petra finger pulls are reminiscent of old utilitarian filing cabinets.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: When picking out door knobs and handles, think about the style of your home. These small details can really help to carry through the design you’re going for, and could make or break the entire look. If your home is done in a retro style, then these Petra finger pulls could just be that finishing touch you need.

Viefe Petra
Viefe Petra

#2 Redo

Mikael: Redo is unassuming, and designed to look like steel bars bent at the corners to create a handle.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: Consider the function and the user when selecting your door knobs and handles. For example, choose a long and sturdy handle for easy access to often used drawers. In this case, Redo’s slight bent at the corners is a lovely detail that gives the design that extra flair.

door handle
door handles

#3 Rim

Mikael: Rim is playful, encouraging a more interactive way for the hand to react to the handle.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: These elements can either blend in or pop against a contrasting shade. It’s all about the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Viefe Rim
Viefe Rim

#4 Curve

Mikael: Love the sleek profile with the slight curve.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: Curves can add that soft touch to a cabinet’s often rigid silhouette. This one still manages to maintain the sleek lines that are especially important in modern and minimalist homes.

Viefe curve
Viefe curve

#5 Conic

Mikael: Adds a playful touch. Good for pairing with colours.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: Playful shapes like these add a bit of character and fun to a room. In this case, the elegant wood and matte black lacquered finish options (also see top image) balance out the design nicely.

Viefe conic

#6 Sense

Mikael: Slim and versatile, good for tall cabinets.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: Think about the finishes and how they tie in with the design of the room and the doors they are fitted to. Polished chrome and stainless steel can be good options if you’re looking for a sense of cool modernity and timelessness.

Viefe sense

#7 Firm

Mikael: The pure and basic design of this collection is appealing. It has that modern yet nostalgic look to it.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: Nostalgic interiors are growing in appeal. More and more, people are seeking them out for that sense of comfort and a yearning for a simpler time. This nostalgic-looking handle is sturdy and firm (how apt the name!), and offers ease of use.

door handle
Viefe Firm

#8 Soft

Mikael: Love the colour grey in this collection, with the subtle details at the connection.

Lookbox Living Editor’s tip: Small knobs and handles are like ‘jewels’ that can add that important finishing touch to the home. To elevate your space, look for ones with a distinctive form.

Viefe soft
Door knobs

Viefe is available in Singapore exclusively at EDL

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