Transforming your home: Ten ideas to style your bay window

Bay windows have become more popular in HDB flats since their inclusion in the gross floor area of the house.

Transforming your home: Ten ideas to style your bay window

What is bay window?

Traditionally a bay window is a window which protrudes outward from the main walls of the building, creating extra room for viewing outdoors. They are a little less complicated in Singapore – bay windows simply are long windows which have been raised more than 0.5 high from the floor and which do not exceed one structural bay width. This is because projected windows and walls are difficult to find in Singapore housing, especially in HDB flats. It is perhaps better said that these windows of Singapore are “in the bay style” rather than bay windows themselves.

Bay windows are typically made from one fixed middle window (usually a picture window) and attached windows on either side which can open. The purpose of a bay window is to introduce the maximum amount of light possible into a room. This makes them extremely pleasant to be around, so many bay-areas are used for sitting rooms and reading nooks.

There are some in Singapore who remain unconvinced of the utility of bay windows. To be fair, there are some concerns – perhaps the space could be used more effectively for something different. For those who do not have a stunning view, a bay window may seem like a nuisance that prevents them from placing art or other beautiful things in the area. They are also difficult to cover, so you may have trouble shutting the sun out on hot summer days.

However, most of these problems can be rectified through deliberate styling. Making the most of your bay window is a process of selecting the right furniture, layout and colour scheme to emphasise its assets. To help inspire your bay window redesign, here are a few of the best ideas for bay windows in Singapore.

Bay window ideas Singapore: 10 HDB bay window designs for a stylish flat

10. Home garden

large bay window in hdb flat

The bay window is a perfect spot to build your indoor garden. It receives enough light that your plants will be able to thrive en masse (without needing to be moved).

Furthermore, plants have a number of practical benefits within the home. They can boost your mood, inspire creativity, lower stress levels, reduce fatigue and even improve the air quality. With the vast range of pots and planters available across Singapore, styling your indoor garden is sure to be a breeze.

09. Platform the area

platform couch with bay window

Installing a platform is a way of accessing that traditional, protruding bay window aesthetic. One particularly clever way to do so is by installing a platform couch like the one above in Craftsmen Atelier’s Park Infinia.

08. Reading nook

reading nook bay window

Transforming your bay window into a cosy reading space will truly let you make the most of the natural light. The sunlight will pour through the window and heat up the cushions so that it is the perfect warmth for when you decide to curl up and read – or even drift off to sleep.

07. Bay window with storage

seating in bay window

Another option is to have hidden storage in the platform beneath your bay window. Hidden storage is a space-smart design strategy which will help you keep your house neat and tidy without appearing to take up any room. Here, the platform seat also serves as a bay window cabinet, leaving you with the perfect space to store linens, cushions, books and more.

06. Bedroom bay window

bay window in bedroom

Though it is less common, occasionally you will see more than just the standard bay window hdb living room layout. Bay windows in bedrooms are exceptionally beautiful. They allow for natural light to stream through in the mornings and will offer exceptional views of the sunset. However, privacy can be something of a concern so many homeowners will choose to install curtains or a privacy grill for a little extra comfort.

05. Table for bay window

bay window with dining table

Placing your dining table directly next to or even underneath the bay window will allow you to soak in the light and views with every meal. It is also a great way to introduce your guests into your home, and provides a nice spot to sit and have a coffee.

04. Bay window cabinet

bookshelf and bay window cabinets

Leaning into the bulk of a reading platform is a clever way to include abundant storage within your home. This bookcase design will allow you to store all of your books, movies, CDs, paperwork, chords and more without appearing cluttered in the slightest.

03. Bay window study table


Building a productive workspace is a tricky task in today’s climate, but there are a few tried and tested method. Colour, furniture and light all play a huge part in helping you become your most productive self. A study desk directly underneath a bay window will help you to focus for longer periods and remind you to take some time to enjoy the day. For more home office design ideas, see here.

02. Bay window bed

bay window small bedroom screen privacy bed

Why not transform your bay window into a cosy guest room? Adding a platform will create a separating effect that makes the window area feel like a room of its own. You can emphasise this with furniture or layout to create a privacy screen and voila! Your very own movie night nook perfect for snuggling with a special someone.

01. Bay window seating

bay window with seat cozy hdb bto flat

Seating is perhaps the best option for bay window design. It provides a space where you can curl up and read, entertain guests, take a nap, or even simply enjoy a morning coffee. As far as bay window designs go, this one is a classic for a reason.


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