The best cabinet handles in Singapore

Cabinet handles are easy to overlook, but they play an integral part in unifying your interior décor

The best cabinet handles in Singapore

A cabinet handle or knob basically refers to anything that is attached to drawers for the purpose of opening and closing. Cabinet handles are usually not the flashiest part of interior design, but they have a profound effect on the overall appearance of a room. They provide a subtle emphasis on certain materials, colours and tones within a décor scheme.

Just because handles aren’t as prominent as other décor features does not mean a beautiful handle will go unnoticed. There is a huge market for unique hardware and bespoke door handles in Singapore – you just have to know where to look. Ornate cabinet and door handles are not common products in your average hardware store, but there are many specialized companies operating and distributing across Singapore which can deliver the perfect handles for your home.

Generally speaking, there is a vast expanse of styles and types of kitchen cabinet handles. Makes such as the edge profile, bow handles, T-bar handles, bar handles, vintage knobs, cup handles, and even handleless cabinets are readily available from a variety of places.

Most cupboard handles can easily be swapped out for new ones, so they are a speedy and affordable way to elevate your cabinets style without having to replace the unit or update the whole kitchen. You could even DIY if you like or call a cabinetmaker if you want to save yourself the trouble (and the dime – drawer handles themselves are not very expensive $$-$$$, but getting them professionally installed probably will be).

There are a few standout brands in Singapore recognised for their artistry in the production of cabinet door handles. This includes places like Lavarella, Kawajun Hardware, Hidden Treasures, Thrive Design and Trading, Buster and Punch, and of course Ikea. You can rest assured of a high quality product with any number of these stores. If you are operating on a budget, you might also want to consider opportunity stores of second hand sales; chances are you might find something cute and vintage on a budget.

To help you narrow down where to buy cabinet handles in Singapore for high quality cabinet knobs and handles at low prices, here is a list of the best products and brands available today.

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8. Gold cabinet handles for drawers – Carousell

long gold cabinet handles in kitchen with blue drawers

Gold cabinet handles are a bold move sure to draw attention. They work particularly well with blue cabinets – a colour combination which communicates luxury and opulence. The elegant cabinet handles pictured above are affordable and available here for just $23 SGD. With express delivery, you could be installing them in your own home in just two working days.

7. Hidden Treasures

hidden treasures vintage unique cabinet handles with ornate gold designs and chinese characters

Hidden treasures is an antique Chinese furniture shop. They have a diverse range of ornate brass drawer handles which would be perfect for a luxurious cabinet look. The handles pictured above are embellished brass with intricate patterns featuring animals and calligraphy. You can purchase these handles here from the hidden treasures website or browse the rest of their collection.

6. Thrive design and trading ironmongery Singapore

heavy gold door and cabinet handles brass

Thrive design is an ironmongery supplier for residential, commercial and hospitality projects all across Singapore. The Bromwitch collection pictured above is a range of luxurious cabinet handles and knobs manufactured from solid brass. It is available in 22 colours and has a rustic industrialism that is sure to elevate your home design. Read more on Thrive design here.

5. Lavavella

scoop dome gold brass cabinet handles seashell pattern lavavella

Lavavella provides artisan, handmade home hardware at affordable prices. They cover a wide range of styles including the vintage cup handles pictured above as well as modern minimalistic knobs. All Lavavella products are made by hand from 100% brass, ceramic and glass. They are based in Singapore and have received glowing reviews from customers locally and internationally for decades.

4. Ikea

wooden door and cabinet handles buy online round mushroom shape

Ikea is the behemoth furniture store when it comes to easy access and affordable prices. Their extensive range of knobs and handles is sure to satisfy the needs of any home – and at a very reasonable cost. Covering all sorts of materials from wood to steel to brass, Ikea will never lead you astray. The Vinnaset wooden cabinet knobs pictured above have a lovely vintage vibe which could be yours for just $13 per 2 pack. Purchase here.

3. Kawajun

gold round cabinet and door handle brass heavy metal

Kawajun is a Japanese interior hardware firm with a loyal Singaporean customer base. Their sophisticated designs push boundaries and they are recognised as one of the most innovative interior hardware stores in the business.

The furniture knob pictured above is highly customizable and comes in 19 different finishes including rose gold, satin black, chrome and pearl black. It is made from zinc die casting with a gold plated finish. This sleek modern handle encapsulates the best of Japanese functionalism, providing an elegant and contemporary look. 

2. Buster and Punch

golden doorknob round cylinder brass heavy authentic doorknob

Buster and Punch is a London-born brand of luxury interior hardware goods and designs. They have been recognised for their revolutionary lighting schemes and are internationally commended for their skilful execution of innovative designs. Along with lighting, door and cabinet hardware, furniture and electricity, they also promote a lifestyle brand of interior fashion.

The UK cross door handle pictured above is one of their best selling items, made from solid brass with a signature diamond-cut cross knurl pattern which is hand refines. Purchase it here as a pair for $245 or browse the rest of their cabinetry handle designs.

1. Anthropologie

twig golden handle pull delicate cottagecore aesthetic cabinet

Anthropologie is a trusted supplier of high quality, thoughtful hardware designs at affordable prices. The Adeline knotted handle pictured above is available here for just $20 in bronze, silver, and matt black. Purchase to introduce a touch of otherworldly elegance into your home.


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