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Would you brighten your home with turquoise and yellow?

Tired of white? This HDB flat by Linear Space Concepts shows how you can use cheery colours to give life to your own home.

Home Type: 3-room HDB

Floor Area: 800 sqft

Singaporeans are pretty notorious for being averse to using bright, bold colours at home. Just sneak a peek into your neighbour’s home; chances are, it’s in white, brown, beige or tan. Generally, we like homes that are easy to maintain and equally as easy on the eyes. But the misconception here is that bold colours will only weigh down your home. This is especially true if you have a colourful personality. After all, a home should be a visual representation of your unique character.

In this petite 3-room HDB flat, designer Marc Wong from Linear Space Concepts wanted to accurately represent the homeowners’ bright and cheery disposition. As such, a burst of yellow and turquoise runs through the home, complemented by rectilinear shapes and plenty of space enhancing design elements.


One of the most prominent renovation changes take place in the kitchen and dining space. Marc widened the entrance, which immediately opens up the space and encourages an unrestricted flow of light and air. Tiles of different patterns are used on the floor and the backsplash, creating a unique look that suits the personality of the homeowners. Even the walls have been tiled with a strong pattern that puts forth a strong statement of ‘who lives here’.

Also of note is the use of door knobs on the kitchen cabinetry. Boring door handles have been replaced with pastel doorknobs that lend character to the space.

Over in the dining space, display storage units double as a feature wall and a welcome greeting to guests who enter the home. Decked out in cheery shades of yellow, pastel pink and mint green, the wall also showcases the couple’s favourite verse from the Bible, and the entire frame is outlined by slim black lines that echo the design of the kitchen cabinetry.


The use of colours continues into the master bedroom, which is actually two bedrooms combined into one. Here, you’ll see a cool shade of turquoise on the wall – a strong colour that invigorates the room with a sense of calm and freshness. Even the window blinds are in a similar shade, tying the different areas together to form a cohesive zone. On the other side of the room, the washbasin and vanity counter are designed to be separate from en suite toilet and shower so that the space can serve two individuals at a time.

The study desk provides a place for the couple to do some work and reading in the privacy of their room. The “floating” effect of the desk – a tabletop suspended from the ceiling – lends a sense of airiness to the space. As requested by the homeowners, Marc incorporated the word ‘faith’ into the design of the wardrobe using a typeface that gels with the entire interior design of the home.


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