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Small space solution: Maximum storage with minimal footprint

To create more storage space in this two-bedroom apartment, Design Chapterz came up with innovative designs including a loft bed and hidden platforms.

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 614 sqft

When space is at a premium, homeowner and interior designer often find themselves doing whatever it takes to maximise the floor space. This 2-bedroom apartment at The Skywoods condominium is a prime example. It’s spacious enough for a young couple, but if you factor children into the equation, not much space is left for comfortable living. Thanks to Design Chapterz however, this 614-sqft apartment has been renovated with some clever space-saving amenities that make it fit for raising a family.




The initial design brief was simple: the homeowners wanted a home that’s bright and airy, taking reference of popular Scandinavian homes. Design Chapterz responded with a home that maximises the open windows and balcony that overlook the neighbouring treetops. The designers also built a customised TV feature in the living room, set with customised details on the handles and profiles of the combination of console, display and storage cabinet.



One of the most impressive alteration to this apartment has to be in the second bedroom. To prepare for the eventuality of having children, the homeowners wanted a multi-purpose room that can be easily converted into a kid’s room in the future. The solution? Split the room into two, with a loft type bed that’s large enough for a super single mattress, and a staircase unit with built-in hidden storage. The lower half of the room doubles as a study room, and has empty floor space for loose furniture.



Because of the size of the apartment, storage space is a constant concern. Design Chapterz provided solutions by integrating storage spaces whenever possible. The master bedroom for example, has a raised platform with hidden storage that’s large enough to hold multiple luggages.


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