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See how this 4-bedroom condo emphasises space by minimising furniture

Thanks to the interior designers, this 4-bedroom condominium has clearly demarcated spaces that emphasise the spaciousness of the home

Home Type: 4-bedroom Condominium

Floor Area: 2,200 sqft

Here in Singapore, almost everyone lives in small high-rise homes, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when you step into an apartment that’s as spacious as this one. So when it came to the home renovation, it’s no surprise that the interior designer from The Orange Cube emphasised the airy openness of the living room.

The designers refrained from cluttering the room with too many pieces of furniture, keeping the space as bare as possible. Instead, they built a frill-free television feature wall made up of a three-level shelf and a slim “floating” console. It’s simplicity and clean lines – a recurring theme in this home – are some of the factors that can give an apartment a contemporary look.

Another design highlight is the textured wall that acts as a backdrop in the dining space. The Orange Cube designers also built display shelves and cabinets into the corner of this room, giving the owners plenty of storage space without being too obtrusive. The geometric mix of open and closed cubbies is another visual element that makes this home look stylish.

As with the rest of the home, the bedrooms too consist of clean lines and a streamlined aesthetic. In this master bedroom, the interior designers used an understated white and grey palette. Clutter is kept hidden in drawers and cupboards strategically located around the room. Accessories and décor items are kept to a minimum, and colours choices are standardised for a neat and orderly look.

The daughter’s room is dressed up in pastel pink and mint green, a colour combination that gives the room its fresh and playful look. At the same time, Karen managed to rein in the aesthetics to prevent the bedroom from looking tacky or too girly. She also balanced the aesthetics of the room with the basic needs of a bedroom to achieve a steady balance of style and function.

When bedroom space is scarce, it’s up to the interiors designers to come up with solutions. In this bedroom, the challenge was to comfortably fit a sleeping space, a storage space and a study all in. Karen’s solution was to raise the bed on a platform, accompanied by a little stepladder. The platform itself houses roomy storage alcoves that come in handy for hiding away unsightly clutter.


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