The beauty of wood at Botanic Gardens Mansion

This condominium apartment by Joey Khu ID uses wood to its best advantage, creating a calm and tactile home.

  • The beauty of wood at Botanic Gardens Mansion

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,800sqft

Text by Luo Jingmei

As the owners of this three-bedroom apartment in Botanic Gardens Mansion have a particular fondness for the colour and feel of wood, interior designer Jerry Tan from Joey Khu ID decided on its liberal use throughout the home. “They appreciate the cosy ambience and warm effect that natural wood exudes,” he says.

Botanic Gardens Mansion apartment

The couple stay here with their daughter and pet poodle. Upon entry, one feels the tactility of engineered timber flooring underfoot that continues from the common areas into the bedrooms. “It was specifically chosen because of its superior resistance to scratches from their pet,” highlights Jerry.

Botanic Gardens Mansion apartment

Accompanied by a solid timber-clad ceiling, the atmosphere is immediately inviting. Facing the sofa, a full-height cabinet is finished with a darker stain of wood veneer. “The veneer’s deep, rich tone complements the space’s modern aesthetic. It lends a touch of sophistication to the joinery, enhancing its visual appeal and creating a focal point within the room,” Jerry describes.  

This multifunctional cabinet serves as a versatile storage solution,” he adds. “It houses display shelves, a shoe cabinet and an entertainment system, offering both practicality and style in one seamless design.” Strips articulate the sliding doors that hide the television, lending interest to the expanse of the surfaces.

The cabinet’s sleek appearance backdrops a petite bar counter near the window. “The original layout of the apartment included a balcony, accessible from the living room. We decided to optimise this space by extending the living room into the balcony and introduced an island counter to elevate the area into a versatile haven. It is a hub for entertainment and a sanctuary for intimate gatherings,” Jerry shares, adding that it makes a perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

On its design, he created a “sleek and minimalist” look “to create a visually lightweight appearance while incorporating the durability and elegance of sintered stone” that aids easy maintenance. A sink integrated into the counter makes cleaning up cups and glasses a quick affair. “Built-in cabinets, drawers and shelves maximise space efficiency and keep bar essentials organised and easily accessible. An integrated wine chiller that fits seamlessly within the layout ensures easy access to chilled beverages,” Jerry points out.  

Adjacent to this space, a trio of Frisbi suspension lamps from Flos provides a light counterpoint to the custom-made timber dining table. Against this, timber-clad walls lead the eye into an open kitchen where timber cabinetry, a stone blacksplash and countertop, and a stainless steel counter exhibits a balanced composition of materials.  

Botanic Gardens Mansion apartment

“The owners have a passion for cooking and chose the Bertazzoni stove for its exceptional functionality and stylish design. It not only offers good cooking features but also complements the overall aesthetic of their kitchen,” says Jerry.

The bathrooms offer a similar balance of pragmatics and refinement. “The common bathroom is a harmonious fusion of Japandi and contemporary elements, employed to cultivate an inviting atmosphere that exudes cosiness and warmth,” Jerry comments A custom-designed mirror framed in black steel matches the hand towel bar, while an integrated basin crafted from grey-toned Infinity stone from materials supplier Kstone enhances the bathroom’s sleek appearance.

On the other hand, the master bathroom has a lighter ambience with a beige countertop, blond timber veneer cabinetry surfaces and light grey stonewalls. Jerry reconfigured its layout to seal off the connection to the study room, which allowed him to create a larger space. “It now features separate his-and-hers washbasins, a spacious shower area, a water closet and additional storage space,” says the interior designer.   

In the master bedroom, he integrated glass display shelving with the dresser. It doubles as a headboard for the bed and provides additional storage. “This design not only maximises space but also creates a sense of privacy by cleverly dividing the sleeping area from the bathroom, ensuring uninterrupted rest for the owners,” Jerry remarks.

The home feels calm and inviting – a cocoon for rest and easy family living. Every aspect has been considered for this purpose, down to the choice of blinds for the common areas that softens the tropical light while giving privacy and blackout curtains for the bedrooms for restfulness and comfort.

Joey Khu ID

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Botanic Gardens Mansion apartment
Botanic Gardens Mansion apartment
Botanic Gardens Mansion apartment


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