Loud and quiet in a play of duality

Nestled among identical apartments in Delhi, India, this home for newlyweds has been repurposed with precision by Logic Architecture.

  • Loud and quiet in a play of duality

Text by Caelan Kaluder

The greatest challenge for Logic Architecture in undertaking the redesign of Kalkaji Residence was adapting the limited space into open halls that both represented the loud and quiet ambitions of the owners.


The entirety of the floor plan was uprooted, and new, broader windows were implemented to guide light into the home.

From the rigid bones to the incorporation of spatial comfort, the Kalkaji Residence has brought the space of open fields to the inside. The soft palette of brown and white, accompanied by an assortment of greenery allows the apartment to hold a capacious feel while still maintaining a cosy, rustic air.

rustic home

Every space has been utilised and every room holds a corner of peace and tranquility. Kalkaji Residence is a master of contrasts, coalescing the different moods, materials, design, and colour in a thematically vibrant yet simplistic home.

rustic timbered home

The tiered timber-lined ceiling and gentle archways capture the light and the eye line to enhance the vibrant space. The use of naturalistic materials, of wood, granite, and metal – all manipulated to play with one’s psychological perception – offer a subtle path through the rooms, heightening the sense of interconnectivity.

loud and quiet home in India

The home holds both a quaint solitude and vibrant hospitality to guests, as it perfectly reflects the owner’s desire of having a home that complements their lifestyle, one of cleanliness, and minimalism.

loud and quiet home in India

Combining both the loud and quiet aspirations of the owners, Kalkaji Residence captures the owner’s dreams creating a space of connection and solitude.

Logic Architecture & Research

Photography by Niveditaa Gupta and Vibhor Yadav

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loud and quiet home in India
loud and quiet home in India
rustic home in India


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