This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

By taking inspiration from Japanese interior design, D5 Studio Image gave this jumbo flat a bright, airy and sophisticated look.

  • This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

  • This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

  • This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

  • This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

  • This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

  • This jumbo flat is a Muji-inspired modern sanctuary

Home Type: HDB jumbo flat

Floor Area: 1,614sqft

Text by Disa Tan

This Muji-inspired family home by D5 Studio Image strikes the perfect balance between Japanese minimalism and modern comforts. The designers ensured that the home is spacious, airy and easy to maintain, even in the long term.

Muji-inspired abode D5 Studio Image - living room

Living in a jumbo flat may sound like there is an expanse of space with less spatial problems, but that was not the case for this residence. Says the D5 Studio Image design team who undertook the renovation: “This residence comprised of two three-room HDB units. Although there is more space, there are also a lot of pillars and beams that needed to be taken into account when redesigning the flat. Marrying these structural fixtures with the design was a real challenge.” With the homeowners deciding on a modern, Muji-inspired style, the team looked into creating a free-flowing configuration for the home they share with their two children.

Muji-inspired abode D5 Studio Image - dining room

In their bid to transform awkward-looking structural fixtures into functional spaces, the team had to rethink the entire floor plan. “We also needed to create a home that suited their lifestyle needs,“ say the team. For example, an existing pillar was integrated into the design of the dining area. Now clad in woodgrain laminates, the pillar is part of a two-sided bench that flanks the multifunctional island dining counter. It also highlights the inviting colour palette of the communal zones which showcase warm, wood tones accented by soothing neutrals.

Muji-inspired abode D5 Studio Image - service yard

A sleek, hideaway door maintains the harmonious and clean-lined order within the kitchen, which conceals the entrance to the common bathroom. The designers say: “This wooden strip feature wall allows us to conceal the door seamlessly, instead of having a regular door which would otherwise create a visual distraction within the pared back material palette.”

Muji-inspired abode D5 Studio Image - bedroom

An interesting composition of custom carpenty makes up the platform bed. While raised platforms can often appear bulky, the designers managed to reduce the visual load. They did this by using blocks of underbed storage to support the bed. This approach renders a floating effect while still in keeping with the functional aspects. The designers also worked in a custom-built study, dresser and wardrobe in matching wood-effect laminates.

Muji-inspired abode D5 Studio Image - bathroom

The Muji-inspired bathroom comprises of dry and wet zones. This layout allows the homeowners to use their space efficiently. For added privacy, the designers installed a slatted divider next to the bathroom vanity. Form meets function within its flexible shelving units. They can be attached to the slats and rearranged according to the owners’ showcase or storage needs.

Muji-inspired abode D5 Studio Image - study

Like the rest of the home, the open-concept study carries a sense of quiet sophistication. A backdrop of full-height custom carpentry keeps the space neat and streamlined. Over on the other side, the kitchen sports a well-balanced material ensemble of warm and cool style accents. Cement screed flooring and a quartz countertop in slate grey temper with light, wood-look cabinets and a white, tiled backsplash.

D5 Studio Image

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