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Bold colour, fun forms and striking patterns in this modern Melbourne home

The design of this two-storey house, located in Melbourne, enlists colour, movement and fun, for a cheerful abode for a couple.

Home Type: Two-storey house in Melbourne

Text by Ella McDougall

Photography by Shannon McGrath

The Field House in Melbourne, Australia takes notes from the buoyant era of design in the 1970s and renders it to better suit the more sleek sensibilities of the present day. The home of Robert Puksand of Gray Puksand interior, architecture and design studio has been designed with bold colours, fun forms and striking patterns, exuding a joyful vibe.

Robert and partner Joanne were enjoying their newfound empty-nester freedom when they decided to downsize. Having their children now – to some degree – out of the picture, the couple were able to realign what it is that they want and need – and what kind of setting in which they would like to enjoy their day-to-day.

112044_42 Cole Street Fieldhouse_12

The brief Robert had for himself was to create a ‘happy house’; a space that inspires a youthful giddiness and curiosity as it guides you throughout. The igniting vision for the design came from Robert and Joanne’s combined love for the arts. The concept was for the house to break away from conventions, to not only hold pieces of art but also become a living sculpture itself.

Although located on a small Melbourne block, it was important for the interior spaces to feel open and generous. To achieve this, Robert adhered to an open plan design, minimising the amount of closed off spaces – creating an altogether more interconnected space.


Not a pair to spend this next chapter of their lives tending to the garden, playing tennis and cleaning the kitchen, Robert and Joanne leant towards convenient and easy to maintain materials. Durable and easy to clean, polished concrete flooring flows throughout the interior spaces, while granite paving is used outdoors for it’s virtually indestructible nature.

112044_42 Cole Street Fieldhouse_10

The kitchen also aims to free the couple from hassle and clutter.

Reflecting a modern interpretation of this room as a liquid and flexible space, the kitchen in the Field House is fully integrated for a seamless look. Deep brown veneer cabinetry balances an elegant appeal to offset the magnetic orange island bench, which itself is transformed into a more sculptural element.

112044_42 Cole Street Fieldhouse_31

For Robert and Joanne, their children moving out was a catalyst for the pair to re-examine their own space, rather than just their clients’. And much alike the 70s era itself, the couple threw caution to the wind; enlisting bold colour and form to create a space that celebrated their new chapter of freedom and fun.





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