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From Dream to Reality by Home Journal

This 990-sqft 4-room HDB is an industrial-influenced home that successfully juggles form and function

Home Type: 4-room HDB

Floor Area: 990 sqft

One of the most common requests homeowners make when renovating their home is to have a place that is spacious and open. The challenge of course, is how to make Singapore’s petite homes feel bigger than they actually are. In this 990-sqft, 4-room HDB, the interior designers from Home Journal managed to create a practical and functional home with a major renovation.

Firstly, the designers removed unnecessary walls and merged rooms together to give the home an open floor plan. The yard area for example, is now part of a spacious kitchen. Even the bedrooms have been combined into one luxuriously large room, complete with an enviable wardrobe space and plenty of floor space for a young kid to run around and play in.

Another highlight of this home is its use of raw textures and exposed materials. Home Journal carefully thought through every material and furniture choice. From the slate grey walls, to the multi-layered plaster wall to the wire glass partition in the bedroom, the designers wanted to balance form with function.


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