Hottest interior trends for 2023: WGSN

What’s going to be hot in the world of interiors? WGSN Interiors unveils the key trends.

  • Hottest interior trends for 2023: WGSN

Text by Janice Seow

In the latest report out, WGSN senior strategist Claire Dickinson has unveiled 11 aesthetic evolutions for 2023. In the broad view, she notes how interior trends are evolving to become more contemporary, merging pared back aesthetics with comfort and cosiness. These trends are also becoming more entwined, borrowing elements from one another to add ‘newness’, resulting in a new hybrid aesthetic.

Interesting too, is the observation of how social media platform TikTok is shaking up many long-standing classic interior trends, and leading to their evolution.

Here at Lookbox Living, we pick out six interior trends from the report that we believe will be popular here.

#1 Industrial

interior trends WGSN

Industrial is a versatile trend that has merged with different aesthetics over the years.

There’s an ongoing move away from traditional workshop-inspired aesthetics towards softer, lighter looks which inhabit the space between the real and the virtual. Soft, digitally inspired colour will play an important role in updating the aesthetic, so think colourful, utilitarian, or digitally-inspired pastels.

It’s really important this aesthetic remains soft on the eyes, with delicate forms, sinuous contours and use of textiles.

#2 Minimalism

interior trends WGSN

This trend is soothing, calm and uncluttered, and has often been drawn on for its restorative benefits over the years. And for some time it’s been observed that minimalism is warming up through the considered choice of materials and use of warmer tones and textures.

Slowly warming up over time, the trend has evolved into deeper and more diverse purpose, so think meaningful minimalism. As it warms up even further, it will be embedded with even deeper layers of comfort. Think of a serene space that almost feels like a hug. Cocooning forms, plush textures and earthy hues are key here. But also, minimalism doesn’t have to lack colour, and it will be drawn on for its mood-boosting benefits.

#3 Boho

interior trends WGSN

Boho has been undergoing a renaissance both in interiors and fashion for some time, and we will really start to see it gain momentum now.

For 2023 and beyond, the Boho trend will evolve with a more pared back aesthetic, spotlighting an eclectic mix of treasures and keepsakes. Although influenced by its 1970s origins, it will evolve to fuse nostalgic elements with contemporary design. Spring/Summer 2023 trend predictions highlights healing nostalgia as the key direction in which romantic bohemian interiors serve as a wellness infused backdrop in homes.

There will also be a more nomadic direction to the trend. It will gain more of a collector’s feel, becoming less cluttered and more about having a curated mix of treasured objects.

#4 Retro

retro WGSN

Although a perennial trend, interest in the aesthetic grew sharply during the pandemic and consumers turned to nostalgia for comfort and assurance.

Going forward, tried and true classics, updated reissues and revived iconic ranges will continue to drive a new retro aesthetic. WGSN’s forecast for Spring/Summer 2023 explores how mid-century and retro references will be regraphed by marrying the old with the new, showing appreciation for the past while celebrating sustainable elements that new materials and processes can bring.

#5 Botanical

Botanical WGSN

This aesthetic is multifaceted. Not only is it about print and pattern, but also draws on biophilic design.

There are a multitude of ways in which this trend will evolve, ranging from curated minimalism to bohemian maximalism. Plant trends are evolving in two ways. One one hand, consumers are rewilding their spaces and taking a naturalistic approach to planting to minimise the need for pruning and maintenance. And on the other hand, the rise of singular indoor trees offers a more curated, minimalist but still statement-making approach to planting the home.

For print and pattern, this will turn more scientific with botanical studies on plant species as consumers become more knowledgeable about greenery and take greater interest in caring for the planet.

#6 Glam

Interior trends WGSN

This is a really versatile, perennial trend that can be adapted in many ways, fusing with other styles for a hybrid aesthetic.

The trend will evolve in two ways: subtle glam and futuristic glam. For subtle glam, Nordic style is influencing the look, resulting in a softer and more pared back aesthetic. Think pastel velvets and cool metals such as copper and warm silver. It’s minimalistic while still being lush. It merges the elegance of glam with hygge-like cosiness. The look moves away from Grandmillennial to something that’s decidedly modern.

And for futuristic, the WGSN forecast sees it evolving with a more sensorial, expressive edge. This will be explored through exaggerated forms, dazzling colour, and detailing such as fringing. In styling, there will be a mixing and matching of original elements, antique pieces and modern designs.

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