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Every day is a holiday if you stay in a resort-inspired home

Husband and wife compromise their interior design preferences with a laidback seaside resort-inspired home.

When Leslie and her husband sat down to discuss the design of their family home, the parents of two lovely kids had to come to a compromise. While her husband favours order, simplicity and functionality, Leslie has a bolder approach to interior design, thanks to her upbringing in the Philippines which is heavily rooted in Spanish culture. The end result of their collaboration: a beach resort-inspired haven that’s perfect for the whole family.

With the help of interior design firm Artmuse Interior, the couple incorporated a lot of natural elements to replicate the textures and aesthetics of a beachside accommodation. The walls of the living room, for example, feature natural stones and wood veneer that complement the matching sofa and sisal rug. In the kitchen, the dining table has wooden and concrete elements, while the floor boasts pebble-like homogeneous tiles.


Comfort is also place high on the list of priorities. To create a relaxing atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the serene environment at a holiday beach resort, booth seating was incorporated into the dining area. This creates an excellent space for family and friends to gather and socialise.

Hacking the kitchen and service area walls to create an open-concept kitchen makes entertaining guests – even while the couple are busy cooking – a breeze. Dining considerations aside, Leslie shares that this space will also serve as a work or study area for their kids in the near future.


Speaking of dedicated spaces for her children, Leslie channelled her free-spirited and eclectic approach to design to her four-year-old son. She allowed him to choose his favourite colour for his room, resulting in a vibrant blue room that breaks the monotony of the home design with a refreshing pop of colour.

Photos courtesy of Artmuse Interior


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