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An executive condo apartment with an open kitchen

See how this 5-bedroom apartment has been designed around the family’s love for cooking and spending time together.

Home Type: 5-bedroom executive condominium unit

Floor Area: Approx 1,250 sqft

Text Janice Seow

Founded by Audrey Tan, Studio Abby is a young design firm that seeks to “steer away from cookie-cutter interiors to deliver spaces that speak to the end user and encapsulate their characters.”

“Our design philosophy is centred around crafting meaningful and honest spaces for our clients,” Audrey elaborates.

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In this 5-bedroom executive condominium unit, her clients Dennys and Brenda had asked for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing dry kitchen in the living-dining area, that would also complement the existing kitchen.

“The whole family enjoys spending time together at home in the evenings and over the weekend. Brenda loves to cook and bake for the whole family, hence a dry kitchen and a statement dining area was a dream to have,” says Audrey.


With a family of six to consider, additional storage was also an important requirement. “Everyone in the household also enjoys relaxing in their own individual rooms, and required extra storage on top of what was provided,” Audrey explains.

Audrey and her team designed the dry kitchen right next to the wet kitchen. They removed part of the original kitchen wall to allow more light through, as well as to ensure a seamless transition between both spaces, and a smooth flow into the dining area.


A comfortably-sized kitchen island serves as both a work area and a gathering spot for the whole family. This dry kitchen area also features floor-to-ceiling cabinets for much needed extra storage.

In the master bedroom, the design team have extended the wardrobe space and created a nifty pull-out desk where the couple can work. In addition, one of the other bedrooms features extra storage to accomodate shoes.






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