The curved apartment

Rising up to a challenging but unique layout of curved walls, I.D.I.D melded function effortlessly with form for this luxury apartment, and to befit its lush outdoor scenery.

  • The curved apartment

Text by Disa Tan

Project type: 4-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 2,142sqft

curved cabinets

Located a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road, this District 9 apartment makes the perfect family sanctuary for the homeowners to raise their brood as well as entertain company. Wynn Neo, Creative Director at I.D.I.D, who helmed the renovation, says: “The homeowners wanted a modern luxe style with ample storage, and a spacious area for their two kids and guests to mingle around.”

Curved walls are a common sight in the apartment, and to add function, Wynn customised a rounded television console with storage spanning across the wall in the living room. Next to the living area is a long hallway with a sleek- looking cove lighting feature that lights up the path towards the private rooms. Wynn reveals that the homeowners wanted a large 84-inch fan in the living area, so the proportion and placement of the furniture in that space had to be right. Following the rounded form of the room harmoniously, the well-considered setup is all ready to welcome guests.

I.D.I.D apartment project

Though the previous dining layout had two points of access to the kitchen and service yard respectively, Wynn decided to seal up the entrance to the latter to cater space for a pantry. The compact kitchenette now serves the dining table of eight well, especially when the homeowners entertain.

I.D.I.D apartment project

Producing custom-built units like the sintered countertop, backsplash and cabinetry for the kitchen, which had a slightly curved wall, was definitely more complicated. Everything had to be meticulously constructed to ensure it embraced the curvature seamlessly.

I.D.I.D apartment project

Rather than going for typical bright colours in the kid’s bedroom, the room occupied by the two young daughters has a neutral palette accented by soft pastels to project a spacious expanse of space. A feature wall next to the wardrobe hides the doorway to their en suite bathroom.

Decked in white marble-look tiles, the grand ambience of the daughters’ shared bathroom advocates a timeless style to serve the young occupants well through their growing years. Adding to its pristine opulence are the undermount sink and a glimpse of the verdant outdoor greenery.

For a heightened sense of modern grandeur in the master bedroom, the custom headboard with padded panels has been designed to reach the ceiling. It also provides a cushy support for the homeowners to unwind before bed. Soft lighting further sets the mood for relaxation.

To make room for a more luxurious vanity in the master bathroom, Wynn had the freestanding bathtub repositioned nearer to the window. Aligned with the curvature of the wall, the white bathtub creates a refined contrast against the walls clad in richly-veined dark marble. The floor has been matched with Calacatta marble.


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