Cosy colonial oasis – OVON

Designed by OVON, this charming colonial-themed home has all the right elements – ample space, natural light and beautiful beaded walls to suit its homeowners and their lifestyle.

  • Cosy colonial oasis – OVON

Text by Disa Tan

Project type: 2-bedroom condominium unit
Floor area: 1,110sqft

Breathing life into the colonial style interior with statement furniture, Simon and the homeowners selected a white accent cabinet with lattice doors and decor ornaments for the main entrance. It makes the walkway from the front door a lot more welcoming.

The unit came with many unsightly beams, so OVON’s interior designer Simon Chin decided to mask them. He says: “We aligned and smoothened everything with false ceilings for a more seamless outlook.”

Narrow and not exactly space-friendly, the previous kitchen has been reconfigured and its entrance relocated in favour of a more spacious and light-filled cookspace. It is now decked in sintered stone countertops and a matching backsplash in an elegant marble-inspired design.

Ovon project

With the new kitchen layout occupying part of the living area, Simon needed to ensure that the overall ceiling height would be levelled. He explains: “The kitchen was the main challenge with uneven flooring and ceiling heights. Besides ensuring everything would look levelled and not too low or short, we also had to hack away several walls and make sure new piping and wiring could be done.”

“While classic black-and-white floor tiles were used for the kitchen, we added wood-look tiles in the shared living and dining area to establish a bigger design contrast,” says Simon. Full-height mirrors and beaded wall accents were then used to draw out a spacious setting and the desired colonial aesthetic.



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