Make the common bathroom a little less common with these quirky items

Add a dash of quirkiness to your bathroom with these fun but useful additions

When renovating your home, the bathroom tends to be overlooked. To help you brighten up a boring bathroom, we’ve found these quirky items that make morning rituals less mundane. By Arman Shah

Peleg Design Desk Bucket


Desk Bucket 01

Make guests do a double take when they use your bathroom with the Desk Bucket by Peleg Design. It’s creatively designed to create the illusion that it’s leaking water from the base! Use it to hold your toothbrushes or bring it over to your workstation to hold your pens and other stationery.

$18.90 from HipVan

Qualy Flip Cup

Flip Cup 01

Badly designed toothbrush holders have a tendency to collect water (dengue mosquito alert!) and rust when exposed to air. The brilliantly conceptualised Flip Cup by Qualy smartly solves this problem. Drink out of the mug to gargle water after you’ve brushed your teeth, then flip it over to let air circulate and dry its interior. A slot holds your toothbrush in place so you’ll never have to worry about water dripping into the cup and collecting nasty bacteria. Available in green, purple, red, pink, black and white.

$11.92 from Naiise

Bath Carpets

Bathroom Carpet 01

Add some vibrant colour and atypical motifs to your  bathroom floor with these bath carpets made available at Departures and Arrivals. Drawing design inspiration from architectural elements of religious structures like mosques, chapels, basilicas and cathedrals, these mats are anything but boring or typical. Aesthetics aside, these carpets also keep you and your loved ones from slipping on wet floors.

$45-$55 from Departures and Arrivals

Teak Ladder


Teak Ladder

Introduce some rustic nature to your bathroom with this beautiful decorative ladder from Crate and Barrel. Made of reclaimed teak branches, it can be used as a rack to hang your towels or even left as a standalone statement piece that’s sure to be a conversation starter amongst fans of anything and everything eco-friendly.

$399.95 from Crate and Barrel

Gladys Angelina Hook

Hook 02

Animal lovers will be pleasantly humoured by the sight of these hooks by Gladys Angelina. Aptly named HOOK, this series of hanging ornaments are made of solid mahogany wood and are inspired by the water buffalo, deer, and ox. They look so quirky as decorative displays, it almost comes across as a waste to hang your towels on them.

$32.59-$97.78 from Haystakt

Glowing Mosaic Jar Shade

Glowing Mosaic 02

Delight your senses with this beautiful glowing mosaic jar shade. Just attach it to a jar candle from Yankee Candle, dim the lights and be mesmerised by the flickering shadows cast on the walls. To complete the therapeutic experience, we recommend sinking into a bubble bath while letting the scent ease your mind.

$39.90 from Yankee Candle

Adnet Circular Mirror 

Adnet Circular Mirror

Push the luxury knob a few notches up and make your bathroom look bigger than it really is with the stunning Circular Mirror by Jacques Adnet. Available in either black or tan leather, it can be suspended on the bathroom wall using the strap. Its equestrian-inspired design makes sure it complements the decorative style of any bathroom, be it classic, masculine or feminine.

$1,529 (45cm), $1,883 (58cm), $2,352 (70com) from Danish Design


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