Lucky colours for 2023, Year of the Rabbit

Here are five auspicious hues to dress your home with to usher in more positive energy in 2023.

  • Lucky colours for 2023, Year of the Rabbit

Text by Disa Tan

New year, new positive vibes! We’ve all heard of feng shui and the good things it can do, and one way to manifest its good energy is to work these feng shui-approved colours into your living space.

Azure Blue

With 2023 being the year of the Water Rabbit, feng shui experts have predicted that Azure Blue or shades of blue depicting the sky or water forms allow fortune to flow in abundance. Seen in this HDB executive maisonette (top image), refreshing layers of blue have been used by Third Avenue Studio as the main accent colour for the walls and cabinetry.

Blue lucky colour year of the rabbit 2023

These ceramic rabbit figurines from Home Hut are also right on theme and we love how the gentle hues instil a feeling of tranquility. 

Rabbit figurine (set of 3) available at Home Hut and Naiise

Fuchsia Pink 

Fuschia pink lucky colour year of the rabbit 2023
Image courtesy of Annie Sloane

Connected to the water element in the feng shui five-element theory, pink is a nurturing colour associated with love and kindness. Go for a bold streak of Fuchsia Pink for a standout feature wall, and to promote emotional balance and well-being at home according to feng shui predictions.

Or spruce up your sofa or bed with hot pink ikat motifs from a Les Ottonmans velvet cushion.  

Les Ottonmans cushion available at Amara

Dark Green

Nippon Green
Image courtesy of Nippon Paint

In feng shui, green represents growth, renewal and vitality. That’s why this verdant hue is often used in spaces to attract these rejuvenating qualities. As Nippon Paint’s Colour of the Year, Dark Green offers a gently uplifting environment that pairs well with neutral or nature-inspired elements.

Gubi pendant light

This colour also renders a stunningly simple style statement with the 1965 pendant light from Gubi.

Gubi 1965 pendant light available at Cult Asia


orangey red in interior

Symbolising luck and prosperity, red is a strong colour that attracts wealth and abundance. While vivid red is usually preferred for areas of high energy like the living area, rocking an autumn-inspired shade of red can totally change the mood.

orangey red lucky colour year of the rabbit 2023

Take the IKEA SVARTKLINT duvet set or the STOCKHOLM 2017 flat-woven rug for instance; their vivacious orangey-red tones bring charisma to the bedroom without overstimulating the senses.

SVARTKLINT duvet cover and pillowcase and STOCKHOLM 2017 rug, both available at Ikea


Lavender lucky colour year of the rabbit 2023
Image courtesy of Essential Home

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle and approachable and so is Lavender, a soft pastel. As one of WGSN’s key colour trends for 2023, you’ll be tapping into this calming colour’s favourable prospects of spiritual tranquility and dispelling negative energies.


This fortifying shade of purple soothes nerves as a relaxing colour for walls and wainscoting. Also stimulating creativity and optimism is the Montana COUPLE sideboard in lilac.

Montana COUPLE sideboard available at Danish Design Co

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