The Lookbox Edit 10: Products we need in today’s homes

Products that help you beat the heat, maximise space, improve hygiene and safety at home, and much more.

  • The Lookbox Edit 10: Products we need in today’s homes

Top image: Greenlam Anti-Fingerprint (AFX) laminate range
Text by Janice Seow

#1 Cooler sleep with the right bedding products

Ikea bedding products

Singapore recorded its hottest May day (a sweltering 36.7 degree Celsius on the 13th), with more hot weather expected in the coming weeks.

Apart from relying on air conditioning, having bedding that keeps you cool might be just what you need. Ikea has several budget friendly options. The KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow (above) has a comfortable memory foam on one side and cooling gel on the other, so you have options depending on the weather. It also has small holes in its core to promote air circulation and prevent moisture build up.

Ikea bedding products

(Above) The KNAPSTAD mattress pad (150 x 200cm) is another product to consider. Made with memory foam topped with a layer of gel, it moulds to the shape of your body to keep you cool from head to toe.

KLUBBSPORRE and KNAPSTAD are available at Ikea

#2 Window blinds for heat and sun protection


As temperatures continue to soar, one way to keep cool is to block out the sun and glare with good quality window treatments.

Ziptrak® Interior is a first-of-its kind track-guided indoor blind that now comes in a special artwork edition. It’s designed by local artist Nadirah ‘Inkten’ Razak, who is one half of local visual artist duo Ink & Clog. Nadirah is well-known for her internationally acclaimed geometric style, and her design for Ziptrak allows users to enjoy a piece of art that’s also super functional at the same time.

Ziptrak is available at Durablinds

#3 Products for kids

Domino x Crate&Kids

Spending more time at home has underscored the importance of investing in quality furniture that’s fit for purpose. We can’t forget our kids’ well-being and satisfaction in the whole process of furniture shopping, and if there’s one collection we know they’ll love, it’s the Domino x Crate&Kids series from Crate& Barrel.

Domino x Crate&Kids

Featuring colourful details and West Coast vibes, these customisable designs make it easy and fun for kids to input their personality into the pieces. The Steamer Drawer comes in cheery colours with interchangeable coloured knobs. The Murphy Wood Secretary Dresser Desk with Hutch has a flip-down door that opens to reveal a study space, cubbies and a tech-tidying cord cutout. The arch makes the whole setup a cosy one.

Domino x Crate&Kids collection is available at Crate&Barrel
* The collection is on sale now! Enjoy 40% off with no min. spend. T&Cs apply.

#4 Antibacterial switches for better hygiene

AvatarOn product

Switches are some of the most often touched surfaces at home, and with Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn antibacterial switches, you can now have greater peace of mind when you use them anywhere in the house.

The surfaces of these products contain silver ions that provide an in-built antibacterial protection and barrier against harmful microorganisms such as bacterial, fungi and mould propagating on switch surfaces, inhibiting their growth and spread. Beyond that, the patented “Slim Rocker, Sure Click” (SS) technology gives AvatarOn softer-press, flutter-free switching that reduces vibration and sparks, ensuring a safer, more reliable and durable switch.

 AvatarOn Antibacterial Switches are available at Schneider Electric’s Shopee Mall

#5 Smudge-free matte surfaces

Greenlam AFX laminate products

Matte surfaces are trending, but the downside is that they are more prone to fingerprint marks, scratches and scuffs.

Greenlam has released seven new laminate colours under its Anti-Fingerprint (AFX) product range. This innovative surface is super matte with zero reflection, and is completely resistant to fingerprints. The non-porous surface uses the state-of-the-art technique of EBC (Electron Beam Curing), increasing its durability, compared to the traditional layering of a top surface that might wear over time. The AFX range is also anti-bacterial, anti-virus, and water-, mould- and scratch-resistant, making it safe and easy to maintain.

The new colours are Dove, Basalt Grey, Coffee Bean, Country Blue, Victorian Violet, Sea Weed Green, and Twilight Blue. These laminates are highly versatile and can be used on cabinets, table surfaces, and as wall panel covering.

AFX laminates are available at Greenlam

#6 Space-saving solutions for bathrooms

Geberit bathroom products

Space is a precious commodity in Singapore where the average apartment or flat tends to be small.

Geberit’s modular furniture concept for bathrooms allows you to combine various washbasin cabinets, side cabinets, and open shelf units as well as a metal shelf surface in two lengths in a variety of combinations. This let’s you plan the exact amount of storage you require to maximise your bathroom’s usable space.

With Rimfree technology, their latest wall-hung WCs offer a smoother, completely rimless new silhouette that’s even easier to clean than before. The WC comes in both a standard version and a compact small projection version that’s space-saving.

What’s more, Geberit’s existing iCon range now has two new washbasin models, the LightRim and SlimRim, which sport a sleek space-saving design. The SlimRim vanity basins are available without an overflow hole and are combined with the new space-saving Clou drainage system for accumulating water. The new trap also means there’s no need for a cut-out, which typically gets in the way of drawers. The result: more storage space when paired with the washbasin cabinets in the Geberit iCon bathroom series.


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