Lucky colours in 2024 for different zodiac signs

Which colours will bring you positivity in 2024’s Year of the Dragon? Find out here and see if you can add dashes of it into your home in the coming year.

  • Lucky colours in 2024 for different zodiac signs

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According to Chinese astrology, the Year of the Dragon, with its dynamic energy, promises to be an auspicious one. It is believed that colours can be used to harness the potential of this celestial alignment, and with that, here are the lucky shades that the 12 different zodiac signs can use in their home and life.

1. Rat

The Year of the Dragon holds promise for the Rat, and to amplify their good fortune, shades of Emerald Green are particularly auspicious. Green, associated with growth and renewal, aligns with the Rat’s quick-witted nature. Incorporate this colour into your living spaces to attract opportunities for personal and professional growth.

zodiac signs lucky colours
Ergon Abacus zellige tiles from RICE

2. Ox

For the diligent Ox, the colour Reddish-Brown is deemed auspicious in 2024. This earthy hue symbolises stability and strength, traits that resonate with the Ox’s hardworking and reliable nature. Integrate reddish-brown elements into your environment to create a sense of grounding and reinforce your foundation for success.

3. Tiger

Tigers can harness the energy of the dragon by embracing shades of Fiery Orange. This vibrant colour complements the Tiger’s bold and adventurous spirit, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone. Incorporate this colour into your living space to stimulate creativity and passion.

4. Rabbit

Harmony and tranquility are essential for the Rabbit in the Year of the Dragon. Soft Sky Blue, representing peace and serenity, is the ideal colour for Rabbits in 2024. Surround yourself with this calming hue through decor or meditation spaces to promote emotional well-being and balance.

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5. Dragon

As the year aligns with the Dragon’s own energy, there is a versatile range of lucky colours for individuals born under this sign. Dragon Red, Gold, and Royal Purple are particularly auspicious. Dragon Red resonates with the sign’s passionate and dynamic nature, Gold symbolises prosperity and success, while Royal Purple enhances the Dragon’s regal and charismatic qualities.

6. Snake

For the Snake seeking transformation and renewal, the colour Mysterious Black is a powerful choice. Black represents mystery, introspection, and the shedding of old skin, aligning with the Snake’s ability to navigate change gracefully. Embrace black in your surroundings to encourage personal growth and self-discovery.

Project by arche°

7. Horse

Horses can gallop into the Year of the Dragon with the energy of Vibrant Yellow. Yellow, symbolising joy and optimism, complements the Horse’s free-spirited and adventurous nature. Infuse your life with this cheerful hue through decor to attract positive energy and enhance your enthusiasm for new endeavors.

zodiac signs lucky colours
Project by Ofthebox

8. Goat

Gentle and artistic, Goats can benefit from the calming influence of Lavender. This soothing colour promotes creativity and emotional well-being, aligning with the Goat’s nurturing nature. Surround yourself with lavender accents in your living space to enhance your artistic endeavors and foster a sense of inner peace.

9. Monkey

Monkeys, known for their intelligence and adaptability, can embrace the invigorating energy of Electric Blue. This bold colour stimulates mental agility and innovation, aligning with the Monkey’s quick-thinking nature. Integrate electric blue into your workspace to enhance your cognitive abilities and attract opportunities for growth.

Project by Karpentry Studio

10. Rooster

Roosters can strut confidently into the Year of the Dragon by embracing the sophisticated shade of Burgundy. This deep red hue symbolises passion and determination, resonating with the Rooster’s bold and assertive personality. Incorporate it into your decor to enhance your charisma and attract success in your endeavours.

zodiac signs lucky colours
Project by MYNMYN

11. Dog

For loyal and protective Dogs, the colour Cool Grey offers a sense of stability and calmness. Grey is associated with reliability and resilience, aligning with the Dog’s faithful nature. Integrate cool grey tones into your surroundings to create a serene environment and reinforce your steadfast energy.

12. Pig

Pigs can bask in the vibrancy of Coral Pink in the Year of the Dragon. This warm and nurturing colour represents love and compassion, complementing the Pig’s caring and sociable nature. Surround yourself with coral pink in your living spaces to enhance your relationships and attract positive social connections.

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