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How one paint company gives you more time for YOU

Not just a producer of high quality paint products, Nippon Paint also has services designed to ease the painting process so you have more time to do the things you love.

Text by Janice Seow

In our hectic, fast-paced society, time is without a doubt one of the things that we value the most. And companies – or at least discerning ones – know this full well. Some of the world’s leading brands are dedicating much of their own time and efforts into designs and services that help you save days and hours off your clock.


Home renovation tops the list as one of the most time-consuming and stressful endeavours that most of us will undertake in our lifetime. Even with the help of a good interior designer and careful project planning, the experience of renovating a home always seems like an endless list of to do’s.


Whether you’re looking to do a complete renovation of your new house, or simply wish to give your existing space a makeover, you probably cannot escape the need for paint.

For the past 55 years that it has been in business, Nippon Paint has spent much of its resources and time analysing, anticipating and addressing the needs and changing lifestyles of homeowners in Singapore and around the region.


Today, the brand is a trusted household name with a reputation for producing high quality, technologically-advanced paint products with consideration for the end user and the environment. But beyond that, the company is also helping to improve the quality of life for homeowners here by making the actual painting process an easier one.


Here are examples of how Nippon Paint helps you save time:

#1 Deciding on colours for your walls is no easy task, and the truth is that what you choose may not always end up the way you imagined. To help ease and quicken the decision-making process, Nippon Paint has a Colour Visualiser App that takes the guesswork out of the experience. Simply download the mobile app, capture a photo of your room, and choose from the over 1,000 available Nippon Paint colours to get a clear impression of how they look in your space, before they go on your walls.


#2 Another major headache is having to get the actual paint works done. This is especially challenging when you’re repainting your existing home.

Nippon Paint’s Professional Painting Service is specifically designed to make the entire process a quicker and more painless one. The service includes a complimentary pre-painting site inspection and complimentary digital colour preview where colours can be photoshopped into the digital image of the room (to aid in colour selection), shifting of furniture and floor protection, the actual painting by highly-trained painting professionals, and the reinstating of furniture post-painting. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

So who says painting one’s house has to be tedious and time consuming? With these services, you can now have more time… for you!

Nippon Paint




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