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How do you deal with practicalities in the single most complex space in the home and still make it look good? We compile a lookbook of kitchens to give you some ideas.

How do you deal with practicalities in the single most complex space in the home and still make it look good? We compile a lookbook of kitchens to give you some ideas.

1. Into the gloss


Sleek & Glossy - Ripley Crescent

Sleek & Glossy - Unimax Creative Sky

For a polished look, go with cabinet surfaces like acrylic panels or glossy laminates. Your colour of choice for such glossy cabinets will also affect the feel of the space. Deep black cabinets lend a sophisticated urban vibe to the cooking space while muted neutral tones bring a softer, more elegant feel.

2. Down the line


Down the Line - Momo Marine Drive

When dealing with a small kitchen (like those of 3-room HDB flats), designing an integrated kitchen-cum-dining-table is a great way to maximise space. Contrary to popular belief, moving your preparation space away from the walls can create a sense of space with the extra room for circulation.

3. Simply fresh


Simple & Fresh - LB20

Simple & Fresh - Rezt & Relax

Sometimes, less is more. When you don’t have a lot of room to play with, keep things simple. Introduce as much natural light into the kitchen as possible, and if space allows, consider growing fresh herbs that will add to your space and cooking.

4. Chalk it up


Chalk Wall - Museum ID

Love your cafes? So do we! Bring that cool, casual vibe into your kitchen with a chalkboard wall. Simply coat a blank wall with chalkboard paint and you’re ready to rock and roll. Use it to note down recipes, plan daily menus, leave notes for family members or play an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe – the possibilities are endless!

5. Industrial strength

Industrial Cement - Everitt Kitchen Studio

Industrial Cement - Artistroom Edgefield

A durable kitchen is a good kitchen, and nothing says hardwearing more than cement screed. Easy to maintain and relatively cheaper than other surfaces like solid surface, quartz, marble, etc, cement screed is an affordable way to give your kitchen an edgy personality. If an all-out industrial look is too overwhelming, try using it as a foil to a more polished kitchen fit-out.

6. Splash of colour


Colour - 3D Innovative

While function is a priority in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you have to end up with a kitchen that is boring. An easy way to inject some life into your cooking space is through a colourful backsplash. A spray-painted glass backsplash in a big bold hue is all that is needed to make a statement.

7. Tile style

Tiles - Design Rebirth

Tiles - Costa Rhu

Tiles are making a big comeback in the kitchen. Depending on the dimensions of the tile, you can create the look of chic French kitchens, or use mosaic tiles to introduce colour to the backsplash. Affordable and resistant to wear and tear, this traditional surfacing material experiencing a revival in kitchen design.

8. Curtain call


Storage Front - Linear Space Simei

Cabinets are not the only options you have when it comes to storage in the kitchen. Fabric drapes are great for concealing things like gas cylinders under the hob. These go a long way in softening the look of the kitchen and, in this case, lend a rustic, down-to-earth feel to the space.

9. Wood work


Timber - Grange Hts

Timber - Borthwick

While there are those who like their kitchens cool and sleek, there are many who prefer their kitchens to feel warm and organic. For the latter, nothing beats timber textures in the cooking space. Go with bold, unmistakable grains to create an impression, or pick a timber texture that is more subdued for something more comforting.


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