9 dreamy bedrooms that score on practicality

Ideas to help you transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm

9 dreamy bedrooms that score on practicality

On average we spend a third of our lives asleep. If nothing else, that should be reason enough to invest time in designing a relaxing sanctuary in your home. A well-planned bedroom where your bed, wardrobe and other essentials are laid out thoughtfully is key to starting and ending your day right. Here are some ideas to help you transform this private space into your own oasis of calm. By Annabelle Gah

1) Spacious and bright

Design by Spacious Planners

This homely bedroom may look simple, but the addition of unique bedside tables, towel rack and vintage suitcase add charm to this space. The bright white walls give an impression of longer walls and a higher ceiling while the wooden floor makes the space warm and inviting. Placing the dark-wood wardrobe on the other side of the room is a great way to keep the night- and day-time spaces within this room separate and utilising all of the available space.

2) Dark elegance

Design by Neu Konceptz

The main attraction in this bedroom is the grey false ceiling that continues downwards to form the panel behind the bed. This minimalist and modern look gives the room a sleek finish without appearing too cold. The red accent on the headboard breaks the monotony of this masculine space with a sensual pop of colour. Using of curtains instead of blinds tone down the hard lines in the room and adds some soft textures. Have some additional floor space? Why not set up a lamp and chair for a little reading nook?

3) Going Geometric

Design by The Orange Cube

Geometrical prints were huge in 2015 and will probably continue to stick around in 2016. This bedroom draws inspiration from tessellated patterns for the feature wall behind the bed and the divider. The feature wall adds some zing to this bedroom that would otherwise rely on neutral tones. A nice rug would not only feel nice and warm in the morning, it’s another way to inexpensively bring new textures into a room. Add a small desk at the corner of the room to serve as a study or a simple dresser.

4) Zen resort

Design by Ciseern

This beautiful resort inspired bedroom will soothe away the day’s worries as soon as one enters. Chilled out grey and wood tones work harmoniously here to create a calm and mellow space. The cove lighting around the main wall and downlights from the ceiling create a romantic ambience. Despite going with blinds, the room does not look too industrial, thanks to the curated additions of photo-frames, a fluffy rug, assorted throw pillows and a bench. The repeated oblong motif on the window not only matches the feature wall but also camouflages the sharp edges of the window for a soft finish.

5) Simplicity is key

Design by Topos Design Studio

For a clean and minimal look go for basic white and sleek carpentry in your bedroom. Jazz up the space with some quirky accessories like fun sheets or an interesting lamp. If you have a nice view, consider installing a window seat to relax on. The L-shaped layout of the wardrobe and drawers is an innovative way to segregate a small bedroom. The top of the drawers could also be used as a dressing table or transitional space to leave your handbag or jewelry before jumping into the shower.

6) Victorian romance

Design by Design Intervention

Turn back time to Victorian England with this romantic bedroom. The grand four-post bed is paired with soft drapes and sheets in champagne to create a dreamy room fit for a queen. By keeping all the furniture in the same shade, the room looks cohesive and put together for a restful night’s sleep.

7) Modern luxe

Design by Unimax Creative

Classy yet sleek, this bedroom has something that might work in any home. Chandeliers are not just for the living room, if you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, use a paired down piece to subtly add an elegant touch to the bedroom. This room also utilizes mirrored surfaces to visually expand the room. Mirrored wardrobe doors give the room a cool and modern feel but also mean that you can examine your outfit from all angles before leaving home. The play on different textures and materials from shaggy rugs, to wooden floors and black beams make the whole space eclectic and one-of-a-kind.

8) Updated zen

Design by Momo & Partners

Create a seamless bedroom by applying the same veneer to your floors, walls and ceiling. The bed is also on a raised platform allowing it to take center stage in the room. Despite being minimalist, the room is still cozy due to the inviting wood tones and warm glow from the pendant lights. Instead of side tables, the room cleverly uses a linear suspended tabletop and drawers keeping with the zen theme of the room.

9) Classic times

Design by Ciseern

Should you have a taste for the finer things in life, consider adding moulding as one of the design elements in your bedroom. The rectangular white panels used here tie in with the matching white wardrobes for a classic but unfussy look. The pops of blue in the fabrics and wall liven up the room beautifully. This room is a reminder that a simple three-colour palette – of blue, white and brown in this instance – is sufficient to design a breathtaking space.


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