6 reasons why Admira’s CERARL decorative panels are set to dominate your walls

For starters, these fiberglass wall coverings will turn your space from boring to beautiful. Read on for more.

  • 6 reasons why Admira’s CERARL decorative panels are set to dominate your walls

Text by Disa Tan

Even though they cover a considerable surface area, our walls are often an underused feature. Not many realise that doing something a little different can completely change the room’s look and feel. That brings us to the spectacular beauty of CERARL fiberglass decorative panels. Designed for wall cladding, this revolutionary product from surface design brand Admira will make you think twice about leaving your walls bare. It boasts a multitude of aesthetic and practical benefits, and we foresee it taking over the walls in our homes with these winning attributes:

#1 It makes a statement

Developed and manufactured in Japan, CERARL fibreglass decorative panels are crafted with precision, and imbue a space with a sense of timeless elegance and luxury. This decorative product is not only limited to bare walls as you can also update an existing furnished wall with them.

Admira CERARL Decorative Panel

#2 It comes in a wide and exciting array of styles

Stone, wood and abstract – you’ll find that these time-honoured themes can be found in the CERARL collection. Best of all, you’ll be blown away by the many distinct colours and patterns centred on these three appealing styles to match your design vision. From trending minimalist styles to timeless modern looks, there are endless possibilities to create a space that showcases your individuality.

Admira CERARL Decorative Panel

#3 Its beauty is enduring

Beautiful both inside and out, CERARL panels stand up well against everyday elements like water, high temperatures, impact, stains and even bacteria. This antimicrobial wall surface is therefore ideal as wall applications in wet areas like the bathroom, and as kitchen backsplashes. Its innovative production methods are an assurance of its longevity and strength.

#4 It is child-friendly

Worried that your kids will make a mess on your gorgeous CERARL accent walls? Fret no more, as cleaning and maintaining CERARL is completely fuss-free. Just wipe the panels down with a damp cloth to remove scribbles and stains, and you can quickly restore its former vibrant colours and pristine finish.

#5 It is a breeze to install

Sometimes, the decision to use a product comes down to the level of renovation work required. In this case, installation is hassle-free, as CERARL fiberglass decorative panels are lightweight and can be mounted on walls and ceilings with no drilling or hacking, and with minimal effort and time.

#6 It is kind on the environment

CERARL is a sustainable product, and their fiberglass panels are made from environmentally friendly materials that reduce their impact on the planet while beautifying your home.


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