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When Victorian luxe meets contemporary living in a penthouse

In this two-storey penthouse, design firm Ethereall meshed classic Victorian glamour with the modern amenities required for an urban family home.

Home Type: 3-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 2,100sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

The homeowners enjoy the finer things in life, and as such, wanted a distinctive look for their family home. As seen in the living room, every surface of the apartment is clad in white detailing that lend to the sense of classic Victorian glamour. The designers even managed to install a hidden work desk that can be pulled out from within the concealed pocket doors.

Victorian style penthouse Ethereall

To achieve the look of Victorian luxury, the designers first hacked the entire apartment. The blank canvas allowed them to then detail the home with floral trimmings, cornices and beadings. These intricate details were sourced overseas and were meticulously spray painted for maximum effect.

Victorian style penthouse Ethereall

The floral trimming details are on full display in the dining area. As with the rest of the apartment, the Ethereall team picked out choice furniture to complement the interior design. They also selected an opulent yet tasteful chandelier and matching wall sconces.

Victorian style penthouse Ethereall

Special attention was given to the kitchen. Lots of time was spent on the spatial planning and configuration in a bid to formulate an efficient room that adhered to feng shui rules. The monochromatic floor tiles and custom-made cabinet doors are just some of the design details that stand out in this space.

Victorian style penthouse Ethereall

While most of the rooms in this home are washed in pristine white, the bathroom boasts a more earthy palette. Stone-look tiles clad the walls and floor, giving this petite space a more grounded look and feel. The standout feature here is the patterned tabletop washbasin gilded with gold-painted borders.

Victorian style penthouse Ethereall

The master bedroom is the epitome of Victorian elegance, with its elaborate tufted headboard. The unblemished walls and parquet floors were a conscious effort to keep the space feeling lighter and more conducive for sleep. Even so, Ethereall’s meticulous attention to detail can be seen on the fronts of the side tables and wardrobe.


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