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Understated luxury in a Zen-like apartment

Tailored as a private enclave in the heart of the city, this apartment seeks to achieve a sense of understated opulence through a luxurious mix of textures and materials.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,300sqft

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Beauty is subjective. Yet this home undoubtedly appeals to many. Perhaps it’s because of its restrained colour palette, its minimal furnishings or its purposeful negative space. Regardless, it conjures a sense of calm and understated opulence that make it impossible to pin down a deciding factor.

living area in Zen-like apartment by Right Angle Studio

Engaged by a young executive couple who have the penchant for travelling and appreciation for nature, Alex Liu and Jay Liu of Right Angle Studio explain that the apartment has been tailored as a private enclave in the heart of the city, much like a home away from home.

But the brief to Right Angle Studio was admittedly multi-fold. They wanted a cosy dwelling that was both simple and classy, and that would comfortably accommodate their two childrens’ needs; a residence that could play host to friends and family, yet maintain privacy in the private quarters.

private lift lobby in Zen-like apartment by Right Angle Studio

At the private lift lobby itself, Alex created a U-shaped portal frame, encasing the space comfortably in a framed tunnel-like space. This further echoes in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom for a consistent design language throughout.

dining and living in Zen-like apartment by Right Angle Studio

A glass screen feature that doubles as a privacy cover sits at the entrance, enabling a delicate peek into the interiors and beckons one to venture further. Once inside, the living and dining areas are filled with natural light harvested from the full-height windows. “The transition from a dark and enclosed space to a brighter, open-plan living space creates the impression of a growing interior,” share the designers.

master bedroom in Zen-like apartment by Right Angle Studio master bathroom in Zen-like apartment by Right Angle Studio

This rectilinear, cinematic configuration is also evident in the private quarters. Access to the washrooms and bedrooms are intricately concealed, keeping the layout discreet. But when the doors are opened, they reveal a much larger expanse of space.

bonsai feature in Zen-like apartment by Right Angle Studio

The bonsai feature anchored within a minimalist wall pocket also beautifully captures this clever interplay between open and closed spaces, while maintaining the balance between tranquillity and luxury. Adhering to the Japanese spatial concept of Ma (purposeful negative space that brings to mind the quality of Zen), the mood within achieves a composed way of life that the residents strive for.

Right Angle Studio

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