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This is how you decorate a small space with little luxuries

In this compact one-bedder apartment for two, the designers from D’ Initial Concept shows how living in a tiny space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or much-needed storage.

Home Type: One-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 500sqft

Living in a one-bedroom apartment in Singapore can be a challenge. Not only do you have limited floor space, you’re also restricted by the design elements you can include in the home. In this compact one-bedder apartment for two, the interior designers from D’ Initial Concept shows that living in a tiny space doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style or much-needed storage.

Take the living room for example. It comes with a wall space that the developers had designated for the TV, but it wasn’t large enough for the homeowner’s state-of-the-art entertainment unit. As such, the designer came up with a customised feature that extends the walls by at least five feet. This newly built fixture spans the length of the room and is made of black glass wedged between a grainy laminate. The pairing of matt and glossy surfaces sets a modern tone that also encourages a visual expansion of space. Storage can also be found in the communal zones. Closed shelving was definitely the way to go and the application of full-height storage fixtures along the walls allows the homeowners to rein in any potential visual chaos.

With the kitchen counters lined across the wall, the galley kitchen can only accommodate light cooking. This suits the homeowners’ lifestyles as they aren’t big on cooking at home. They did however, request for a display shelf for their collection of liquor bottles. The D’ Initial designers responded by coming up with a cosy niche at the top of the overhead cabinets.

To maximise every inch of wall space, the design team turned the foyer into a showcase for the couple’s collection of souvenir magnets. The well-travelled homeowners have a considerable collection of magnets from all over the world and wanted to display their proud finds. The wall near the front entrance of the apartment is clad with a textured laminate upon which a black magnetic board is mounted on.

The master bedroom adheres to the earthy colour palette seen in the overall design scheme. To ensure things don’t look predictable, a feature wall with a stucco effect frames the space and provides texture and visual interest. Another nifty design idea is the customised wardrobe: it’s slightly suspended and equipped with LED lights, offering the illusion of a bigger floor space.


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