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Stylish penthouse living centred on fun weekends and family

A couple with kids have sought the help of Hall to design a home that encourages bonding.

Home Type: 4-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 3,000sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The owners of this stylish penthouse have always enjoyed hanging out on weekends with family and friends after a hectic work week. When kids came along, they chose to move from their Sentosa apartment to this Orchard location for its greater accessibility and space. And with that came an additional desire for their new home to be centred on family – while still allowing them to have company over on weekends.

stylish penthouse Hall

Despite its large square footage, this stylish penthouse originally came with sectioned off, disconnected spaces and had a long, narrow layout. However, it also had a spacious balcony and lots of natural light. Seeing the potential, the designers from Hall have removed many non-structural walls on the first floor, which dramatically opens up the space.

stylish penthouse Hall

A predominantly white and neutral colour palette along with reflective surfaces enhances the perception of space in the communal areas. The generously-sized balcony has been fully furnished to accommodate friends and family comfortably. When the bi-fold panels (which replaces the original sliding doors) to the balcony are fully drawn back, the line between outdoors and indoors dissolves and the family gets to enjoy an even larger living room.

stylish penthouse Hall

The living area has no television to encourage greater interaction. That said, it boasts a high quality sound system. Light fittings have also been selected to ensure the best mood and ambience, and to complement the Orchard night lights.

stylish penthouse Hall

The dining area and kitchen island are integrated. Every angle and placement of furniture here has been curated for the purposes of entertaining guests – and even to accommodate their children’s playgroups. Further in, the wet kitchen is equipped with master chef cooking appliances given that the couple loves to cook for family and friends.

The second floor has been reconfigured, this time to achieve a more homely layout. It also accommodates an en-suite bathroom (below, left) for the children.

stylish penthouse Hall

The master bedroom is elegant and cosy, and features an open-concept, marble-cladded bathroom (below). A study area also sits within the wardrobe space, with no walls or enclosure to divide the two.

stylish penthouse Hall

Overall, this stylish penthouse is bright, open and seamless – a space around which special moments and memories can be made.


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