Shophouse with beautiful and light-filled spaces

Joey Khu ID transforms a dark and uninspiring shophouse into a stunning space with optimal air ventilation and copious amounts of natural sunlight.

  • Shophouse with beautiful and light-filled spaces

  • Shophouse with beautiful and light-filled spaces

  • Shophouse with beautiful and light-filled spaces

  • Shophouse with beautiful and light-filled spaces

Home Type: 2.5-storey shophouse

Floor Area: 3,000sqft

Text by Jasmine Goh

After removing some walls in the shophouse, the airwell now effectively illuminates the ground level with natural sunlight, endowing the living room with a beautiful glow. The open-concept layout, which holds the living room, a dining area and a kitchen, allows the entire ground level to be a bright and airy space for the homeowners to play host to guests and visitors.

shophouse living room Joey Khu ID

On the upper floor, the space is opened up by knocking down the walls that originally surrounded the light well. There is now an unrestricted flow of light and air throughout the entire level. As the existing timber floor was still in good condition, the designers simply refreshed it with buffing and polishing.

shophouse Joey Khu ID

In the master bedroom, the design team replaced an entire wall with a glass panel to create a stylish window seat with loose cushions. It looks out into the airwell and over the ground level of the house, offering the homeowners a private spot to relax in while they keep an eye on the activities in the communal areas.

shophouse bedroom Joey Khu ID

Much of the building’s facade was retained for the preservation of heritage but the interiors were refitted to give this shophouse a new lease of life. In this bedroom, the designers refreshed the window frames and walls with a coat of paint and expertly concealed the electrical wiring to create a modern space for the new owners.

shophouse bedroom Joey Khu ID

A freestanding bath tub takes pride of place in the spacious open-concept bathroom located at the rear end of the house. Like the rest of the home, the bathroom was also given an update to improve its looks and air ventilation. Granite tiles with a matte finish cover the walls while a light shaft introduces natural sunlight into the space.

shophouse bathroom Joey Khu ID

Joey Khu ID

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